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    Prali Ski Area

    Italy | Prali Ski Area | Turism

    Success Case: AR Challenge for Prali Ski Area

    Awarded by META SPARK on LENSLIST /ᐠ≽•ヮ•≼マ


    Instasamy collaborated with Prali Ski Area to develop a social media growth strategy aimed at boosting the ski resort’s brand awareness and attracting more skiers. This strategy included creating an innovative Instagram effect, launching an interactive challenge, conducting press communication campaigns, and engaging in influencer marketing. The Instagram filter developed was recognized by META SPARK on LENSLIST as one of the best filters in February 2024.໒꒰ྀིっ˕ -。꒱ྀི১


    • Engaging Ski Enthusiasts Without Traditional Advertising: The main challenge was reaching ski enthusiasts without investing in traditional advertising campaigns.
    • Increasing Brand Awareness: Boosting brand recognition by targeting a younger audience through press communication, excluding paid advertisements.

    SOLUTION ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

    • Creation of a 3D Instagram Game Effect: Developed an Instagram filter simulating a Prali Ski Area ski run, where users guide a skier, represented by a cute moose, down the slope by moving their heads.
    • Launch of an Interactive Challenge: To promote filter usage, we launched a challenge where the highest-scoring user wins a skipass to Prali. This virtual challenge will turn into a real event in December 2024.
    • Press Communication: Increased brand awareness by disseminating project news through national and local newspapers like La Stampa, Il Corriere di Torino, L’Eco delle Valli Valdesi, and L’Eco del Chisone.
    • Influencer Marketing: Engaged sports and travel influencers to promote the filter and challenge, amplifying the message and reaching a broader audience.


    1. Increased Brand Awareness: The Instagram filter generated high engagement, allowing users to co-create content with Prali Ski Area and exponentially increasing brand recognition.
    2. Significant Impressions and Opens: Since its launch, the Instagram filter generated over 50,000 impressions and more than 1,300 opens, with usage in countries like Kazakhstan, the USA, Russia, and Hong Kong.
    3. Positive Media Coverage: The challenge and Instagram filter received significant media coverage, with articles in national and local newspapers further enhancing Prali Ski Area’s visibility.
    4. Recognition by META SPARK and LENSLIST: The Instagram filter Winter Race was awarded as one of the best AR filters in February 2024 by META SPARK and LENSLIST, highlighting the innovation and effectiveness of the proposed solution.


    The collaboration between Instasamy and Prali Ski Area demonstrates how an innovative approach to social media marketing can yield exceptional results. By utilizing advanced AR marketing techniques, press communication, and influencer marketing, we significantly increased brand awareness and engaged a wide audience of ski enthusiasts. For more information on our successful projects and how we can help your brand grow through innovative marketing strategies, visit our Sortlist page.

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