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Content Creation and Influencer Marketing Strategy for Esquire Qatar

Fashion Week Social Media Coverage + Influencer Marketing ٩(^ᗜ^ )و ´-


Since 2020, Instasamy has partnered with Esquire Qatar to manage and create exclusive content for their Instagram account during fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris. The goal was to ensure comprehensive and engaging coverage for Esquire Qatar’s audience.


  • Increasing Brand Awareness: Boosting visibility in a highly competitive fashion sector.
  • Maintaining Brand Relationships: Ensuring content meets the needs of both brands and the target audience.
  • Real-Time Unique Content Creation: Dynamically capturing and publishing real-time content that embodies the essence of fashion shows.
  • Organizing Dedicated Teams: Deploying dedicated teams for efficient event coverage.

SOLUTION ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

  • Dedicated Production Team: Formed a production team with photographers, videographers, and content creators in Milan and Paris to capture key moments at fashion shows and street style events.
  • Strategic Editing Coordination: Milan-based editing team promptly edited and published content on Esquire Qatar’s Instagram, ensuring real-time high-quality coverage.
  • Content Creation Strategy: Designed a content creation strategy to meet the needs of brands, the magazine, and the audience. Utilized visual storytelling and engaging multimedia content.
  • Influencer Marketing: Incorporated influencer marketing by involving key figures in the fashion industry to amplify content reach and engagement. Influencers attended fashion shows and shared highlights with their followers, expanding Esquire Qatar’s visibility.


  1. Increased Brand Awareness: Consistent and engaging fashion week presence helped Esquire Qatar successfully position itself in the fashion sector, increasing brand awareness among a diverse audience.
  2. User Engagement: Unique and authentic content generated high engagement levels on social media, with active interactions on posts, stories, and videos.
  3. Strengthened Brand Relationships: Professional and real-time event coverage strengthened relationships between Esquire Qatar and brands, creating opportunities for future collaborations and partnerships.
  4. Successful Positioning: The integrated strategy allowed Esquire Qatar to stand out in a competitive market, enhancing its reputation and brand perception among readers and fashion enthusiasts.


The collaboration between Instasamy and Esquire Qatar showcases how a strategic and integrated approach to social media marketing can deliver exceptional results. Through a combination of content creation, influencer marketing, and effective team management, we elevated Esquire Qatar’s profile and solidified its position in the fashion industry. Visit our Successful Cases page to learn more about our projects and how we can help your brand grow through innovative marketing strategies.

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