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Instasamy: the social media marketing agency with a warrior spirit.

This page is dedicated to our brand identity: who we are and the direction we are headed to.

If you are looking for specific information about the services our social media marketing agency offers and how we can help you achieve steady and measurable growth, please visit the homepage of our website.

However, if you’re curious to discover our values, vision, mission, history, and growth, you are in the right place.

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Who We Are, What We Do, How We Work, Where We Operate, What We Believe, Our Values, and Our Collaborations

Instasamy: the social media marketing agency with a warrior spirit

We help businesses and professionals win their battles even before declaring war.

How do we do it?

We put people, not clients, at the centre. We create value for them and form unbreakable bonds with them.

We are trusted partners to businesses and professionals with ambitious and revolutionary goals. We contribute to their transformation, making what seemed impossible to our clients, possible, and we do so by optimising energy, time, and resources.

How do we achieve this?

We develop winning marketing strategies driven by our deepest beliefs, rooted in respect and love for our planet Earth.

We are different because of what we believe, what we think, and how we act.

At Instasamy, we are a small cross-functional team, composed of approximately 13 skilled resources with a T-shaped background and a focus on performance and results.

At Instasamy, each and every one of us is strongly oriented towards success.

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We are not for everyone, we do not work with everyone; you won't choose just any other agency.

We work with passion and determination; your goals will become ours, and we want to achieve them with you.

Our hypersensitivity is our strength: it allows us to see beyond, to have a threedimensional perspective, and to pay attention to details. Those tiny, imperceptible, and intangible details that trigger emotions.

Those details are what lead people to take extraordinary and specific actions, such as making a purchase, leaving their email address, following your profile, or sharing your content.

Those tiny details pave the way to achieving a trend of steady and measurable growth.

Thanks to our hypersensitivity, we can always put ourselves in your shoes. We are datadriven, guided by KPIs, goals, and performance. We constantly study new strategies to improve and evolve successfully. We are the right partners. The reliable partners you can always count on.

We are an external team that thinks and acts as if it were your internal team

We believe that to make extraordinary things happen, having a good idea and being good providers is not enough; it is necessary to create synergy: to share the same vision.

What is needed is respect, mutual exchange, the desire to grow together, the willingness to share the same values, and to establish lasting relationships.

Our deep beliefs lead us to select the companies and individuals we work with and grow together. Our clients are:

  • Companies and individuals who have respect for work and people. Brands who are creating success stories, generating positive sentiments online and in the real world, triggering constructive word-of-mouth, and with whom we are building long-lasting relationships, value and achieving success.
  • We don’t work with companies that do not value what they do and their suppliers and partners, because this attitude can only lead to no growth and failure.

For this reason, Instasamy does not put clients at the centre and does not endorse traditional slogans like “Customer First,” “The Customer is Always Right,” etc.

We put people who work in the companies at the centre, their projects, the goals they want to achieve, and, even before everything else, the relationship we want to create.

That’s why Instasamy is a Humans First social media marketing agency.

Whether you have millions to invest or just a few euros, these are the three requirements to work with us and create extraordinary projects:

  1. You must respect the work ecosystem that includes people,
  2. You may not always be right, so it’s important that you have listening skills,
  3. You must be professional.

The Winning Work Ecosystem: The Metaphor of the Woods and Businesses by Instasamy’s CEO Samantha De Reviziis's

“The woods are an incredible ecosystem where tree roots communicate with each other, helping and supporting trees of different species and any size, even those on the verge of dying.

All trees work tirelessly to keep the woodland ecosystem healthy, showing respect for the land. In doing so, they create the perfect microclimate, the optimal conditions to grow and thrive.

Competition among trees exists, and it is as healthy and strategic as it gets. Not by chance, the study of plant communication in the woods has been compared by many researchers and scientists to the functioning of the Internet.

Companies that aim to be sustainable could take inspiration from the decentralised and resilient ecosystem of the woods to create value and act responsibly, and ultimately to generate success.

Nowadays brand reputation is no longer just the reputation a company has with its customers but also that with its employees and suppliers. One more reason to create winning synergies.

Do you know what the functioning of the wood ecosystem teaches us?

Companies that are unable to have a responsible approach toward the entire ecosystem they belong to will  enrich themselves in the short term but will be destined to fail.

On the other hand, companies that have a responsible approach toward the work ecosystem they belong to will grow exponentially and live in abundance. This is because they will be able to generate a positive socio-cultural impact.

If the trees in the woods only helped others of their species, in the long term, they would all die. In the beginning, the weaker trees, not supported by the stronger ones, would die, leaving space for sunlight. But do you know what would happen in the long run? The soil from which the trees draw nutrients in the summer, no longer benefiting from the shade of the “weaker” trees, would become arid. In the long run, this mechanism would kill all trees of all other species too.

This mechanism has a deep parallel with the professional world. Indeed, the work ecosystem involves not only the company and stakeholders but also the surrounding environment.

Having a global vision of the system is essential to generate value and achieve a trend of steady growth over time.

The success strategies to become great and dominate one or more sectors in the contemporary world are numerous and do not include the destruction of ecosystems. Instead, they require constant support exchange, aimed at achieving a shared goal.”

Samantha De Reviziis, Founder & CEO of Instasamy

InstaSamy's Growth

Instasamy was founded as a social media marketing agency specialising in the fashion industry and is based in Milan.

For many years, the agency worked solely as a supplier to other marketing, communication, and social media marketing agencies. In 2018, Instasamy created a success story with the fashion magazine “Grazia Arabia Qatar” and began working directly with brands, while still acting as a provider to competing agencies.

Over the years, Instasamy has expanded and established its specialisation in new sectors and successfully expanded into other markets, including the Middle East.

Today, Instasamy operates successfully in various sectors, including highend jewellery, food, design, trade shows, publishing, art, weddings, startups, ecommerce, politics, and government.


Instasamy Set Up

White Label Partnership

Suppliers of digital agencies and press offices


Key Collaborations with Middle East digital agencies

Doha and Dubai


logo instasamy grazia

Case History with Grazia Arabia Magazine Qatar

Fashion Week Social Media Coverage New York, London, Milan and Paris


Success stories in the fashion industry

logo instasamy grazia

logo instasamy grazia

logo instasamy grazia

logo instasamy grazia


Expansion of the team 10 resources

Strengthening of positioning in Qatar and Dubai


Key projects in the areas of

high jewelry - food - government design - pharmaceutical - startups - e-commerce - weddings

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logo instasamy grazia

logo instasamy grazia

logo instasamy grazia


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logo instasamy grazia

logo instasamy grazia

Media Representative for Qatar's top fashion magazines and department stores


Best agency of the year by Sortlist

Partnership with the City of Prali

logo instasamy Esquire

InstaSamy has attracted several investors and could have been acquired by major groups, but due to the lack of shared values of respect for the ecosystem and mutual support, the agency chose to proceed independently.

The growth has been gradual and solid over the years, based on building a reliable, skilled, efficient, and united army of professionals.

Thanks to our flexible and strong team, as well as our clients who share our values, our social media marketing agency has created incredible success stories, which you can find here.

Instasamy's Brand Identity is inspired by the perception humans have of the light, the sky and the colours of planet Earth

Sky blue, water blue, brown, forest green, silver rock, and cloud white are the colours that reflect our identity, our values, and what we believe in.

Why do we wish to take you through the design narrative of our website?

Because, as a creative agency specialising in branding, we believe that design is an art form and deserves a detailed explanation.

The layout of our website for our social media marketing agency based in Milan was conceived by Samantha De Reviziis, CEO of Instasamy, and was developed in-house, like all websites of the parent company SDR srl.

Our website breathes. It is alive. It takes inspiration from the perception humans have of light and their deep connection to planet Earth.

The Circle

The circle of light you find on the homepage draws inspiration from the works of American artist and aerospace engineer James Turrell.

The circle aims to convey a sense of infinity. The colour and light never end; they have no limits, just like our creativity.

The circle radiates light onto the website and the viewer. The sensation is almost hypnotic and magnetic. The light and colour change, with the azure intensifying and fading constantly.

The Azure

The azure in the circle is enveloped in a white mist, as if it were wrapped in a cloud illuminated by the penetrating rays of the sun.

Azure represents the continuous evolution of light in the sky.

De Reviziis chose azure, one of the predominant colours of our planet Earth, because it conveys trust, reliability, productivity, as well as calmness, honesty, innocence, understanding, and creativity.

The Silver

Another colour prominently featured on the website is silver, in various shades. Silver reflects the colour of millennia-old rocks. Of stones that reflect light. The rock is a symbol of strength, courage, and energy.

In the past, when Romans needed to recharge, they would sit on rocks during wars.

If you think about it, rocks are incredible. Always present on Earth, unless they have been mined, they remain in the same place. They are indestructible and rich in energy. When exposed to sunlight, they reflect light and shine like raw diamonds.

Not by chance, the word silver derives from the Greek word “argos,” which means bright or white, precisely because of its exceptional power to reflect light.

The Blue, Secondary Colors and Breathing

The dark blue, almost electric, used for the titles of the texts, represents the colour of the ocean and its depth.

The background of the website pages moves, as if the website is breathing slowly with you.

We chose to make the website breathe because, in this fast-paced world, where everything moves at the speed of light, we often forget to breathe, resulting in stressful and rushed information processing.

Our brand’s secondary colours are forest green and brown, reflecting the colours of planet Earth.

These two colours are ever-present in our daily lives, as we often work in the paradise of productivity, in the woods of the Piedmont Alps.

We hope that when you look at our website, you will feel a sense of well-being and that you can breathe slowly, allowing your vision to rest.

Instasamy, Milan, and the Mountains

milano e montagna ghigo di prali piemonte

Instasamy is based in Milan, the most multicultural city in Italy, but also in the mountains, in Ghigo di Prali, in the Piedmont Alps. Here, our social media marketing agency is immersed in the woods, a place of rebirth and the paradise of productivity.

The woods are an ecosystem from which important leadership lessons can be learned. The mountains are a teacher of planning, decisionmaking, strategic and operational vision.

According to research presented by Business Insider, one of the main causes of work stress worldwide is the work environment.

  • In the United States, 83% of workers seem to suffer from it, and this affects performance, leading to estimated losses of 300 billion euros per year.
  • Other studies show that in a meeting room, after just a few minutes, carbon dioxide concentration rises sharply, causing a drastic decrease in concentration, resulting in cognitive functions being halved.

At Instasamy, we care about the well-being of our team, which is why we have created the optimal physical and mental conditions to feel good and increase performance.

In ancient times, the most important decisions were made sub quercu, that is, by meeting under an oak or a large tree for meetings and judgments. For this reason, when we need to face intense and challenging periods, we move to the mountains, where work is combined with activities related to well-being in nature.

It is an immersive experience in these woods, which turn golden every autumn and are reborn every spring. These are places of constant transformation and preservation of health, nourishment of the productive and food supply chain. This concept of work is today a unique, modern, and strategic management lesson.

“In the mountains, the weather is as unpredictable as the economy. We live in a world dominated by uncertainty, just like the weather. The mountain teaches us to become self-sufficient and support ourselves with our own resources, facing every storm and season with success. The seasons’ cyclicity teaches us adaptability and agile organisation, capable of supporting itself with the resources of the moment.”
Samantha De Reviziis, Founder & CEO of Instasamy.

Samantha De Reviziis, Founder & CEO of Instasamy

Samantha De Reviziis is an entrepreneur from Turin, currently living in Milan, and recognised as a pioneer in the first phase of digitalisation of the fur and sustainability sector.

With a warrior spirit, extreme creativity, and hypersensitivity, deeply connected to nature, De Reviziis has developed a unique and rare T-shaped background over the years.

Today, Samantha De Reviziis specialises in social media marketing & communication, fashion, and sustainability.

The combination of these experiences allows Samantha to have a global vision, create effective marketing strategies, and achieve concrete results.

Here are the highlights of her entrepreneurial career:

  • In 2007, at the age of 22, De Reviziis secured investment from a group of business angels and opened her first company, named Quiriz srl, in Turin. The company offered services related to the digital world and design, managing a team of about 15 employees.
  • In 2011, De Reviziis launched the world’s first website dedicated to the fur and sustainability sector. She created the largest international community of the industry, involving the entire supply chain, and worked globally with major players in the sector. In exchange for advertising on her blog, she specialised in sustainable fur at prestigious auction houses’ schools in Copenhagen and Helsinki. She never stops studying and evolving, continuing her studies on sustainability and marketing.
  • The blog grew and reached 35,000 unique monthly visitors, and De Reviziis’s Instagram account @SAMANTHA had 170k followers and was verified by Meta. She received several awards and became a respected player in the blogging and leather goods industry. The blog is still online, but it has not been active since 2018. De Reviziis is working, together with international partners, on the next steps, which could involve a partnership with one of the world’s leading e-commerce players.
  • In 2016, De Reviziis became a Business Development Advisor for leading companies such as Kopenhagen Fur and Orylag. She was responsible for designing and developing win-to-win projects with fashion and luxury industry groups like LVMH and KERING and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders.
  • She moved to Doha, Qatar, for about three years, where she worked with local companies and deepened her knowledge of the Arab market.
  • In 2016, she founded Instasamy, a social media marketing agency, which she has been developing with determination since 2018.

Alongside her career as a blogger and consultant, Samantha worked as a Fashion Reporter and correspondent for various magazines, including HAIBAO China, Chic Russia, and ELLE Italy. She currently covers fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris for the most important fashion magazines in the State of Qatar: Grazia Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Qatar, and Esquire Qatar.

SDR srl is the company that holds the WFUR brand, the consulting agency dedicated to sustainability and the fashion sector, and the social media marketing agency

Today, Samantha divides her time between the mountains and her woods, Milan, and the fashion capitals. She lives with passion, strength, and courage, characteristics that lead her to explore and achieve increasingly ambitious goals.

You can find more information on her LinkedIn page.

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