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We are looking for a professional who is not seeking makeshift solutions but a working environment to invest in, where they can grow and bring out the best in themselves. If this warrior spirit is roaring inside you… read the open positions and apply now.

“The ideal resource for InstaSamy is a true strength: loved by customers, respected in the industry, and experienced like few others. And fully satisfied in living their passions in a dynamic environment, always seeking new ways to improve and evolve.”

Samantha De Reviziis, CEO

InstaSamy’s office is located in Milan, the most multicultural city in Italy. A metropolis that offers many growth opportunities and professional prospects.

We work in Milan and often in the mountains, immersed in the woods, which we consider a place of rebirth and a productivity paradise.

It is an ecosystem from which important lessons in leadership can be learned. The mountains are a teacher of planning, decision making, strategic and operational vision.

We believe that the forest is the paradise of productivity, despite the limitations of the traditional office in the city and the distractions of those who work remotely in familiar environments such as their own homes.

According to a study presented by Business Insider, one of the main causes of work stress in the world is the work environment.

  • In the United States, 83% of workers seem to suffer from it, and this affects performance to the extent of generating estimated losses of 300 billion dollars per year.
  • Other studies show that in a meeting room, the concentration of carbon dioxide rises steeply after a few minutes, resulting in a drastic decrease in concentration and cognitive functions being halved.

At InstaSamy, we care about the well-being of our team and have created optimal conditions to feel good and bring out the best in oneself when working and in life.

In ancient times, the most important decisions were made “sub quercu,” that is, by gathering under an oak or a large tree for parliaments and judgments. For this reason, when we have to face intense and challenging periods, we move to the mountains, where we combine work with activities related to wellbeing in nature.

It is important for us that you can feel motivated, enthusiastic, and clearheaded. By feeling fulfilled, productive, and serene, you can enhance your performance.

The heart of our work environment is the forests of firs and larches in Valle Germanasca, formerly known as Val San Martino. It is an alpine valley where a small village, Prali, is located in the province of Turin. In this paradise, composed of 13 hamlets where there are more animals than people, we often retreat to work, unlock our productivity, and dedicate time to physical and mental wellbeing. We do training courses and activities in nature.

It is an immersive experience in these woods that turn golden every autumn and come alive again every spring. They are places of constant transformation and preservation of health, productive economic and food chain nutrition. This concept of work is now a unique, modern, and strategic management lesson.

The study of plants and trees with their decentralized and resilient ecosystem has been compared by Suzanne Simard and dozens of researchers after her to the functioning of the Internet. It is a truly interesting lesson in organizational design. The cyclicity of seasons teaches us adaptability and agile organization, capable of sustaining itself with the resources of the moment.

Open Positions

Art Director (Intern) 

Your Role in a Nutshell

At Instasamy, the Art Director plays a crucial role in generating and developing creative ideas and content, with a special focus on visual output. This position is responsible for the execution and visual quality of advertising campaigns and individual content, working in accordance with the brief and constraints. From idea generation to crafting, the Art Director is involved in all stages of the process, collaborating closely with other team members within the creative and marketing departments.


As an Art Director at Instasamy, you will have the opportunity to support senior members of the creative team in providing artistic direction for assigned projects.

  • You will collaborate directly with the Art Supervisor to ensure excellent creative execution.
  • You will work daily with other creative team members, such as creators, AR creators, graphic designers, editors, and content specialists, to ensure synergy and optimal coordination. Additionally, you will work closely with the client service team to fully understand client needs.
  • Your specialisation in the field of social media will be crucial, as it allows us to consistently offer a distinctive perspective and execution. You will contribute to our unique positioning in the industry.

Key Activities

  • Collaboration in defining creative concepts, execution, and crafting.
  • Creative direction for the creation of ongoing content and social formats such as Instagram editorial plans, social campaigns, branding projects, and video content.
  • Execution and quality control of output during the creative production phase.
  • Studying and developing the visual identity of our clients’ brands.
  • Supporting Art Direction during video and photoshoot productions.
  • Assisting the creative team in defining and developing editorial strategies, focusing on languages and visual formats suitable for social media.
  • Contributing to the ideation and creation of “smart” creative content in line with the latest trends in social media communication, such as TikTok, Reels, etc.


Required qualifications for the Art Director position:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Art Direction, Design, or equivalent disciplines.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience using the Adobe Creative Suite, with a particular focus on After Effects and Premiere CapCut, Premiere Rush, Inshot, and AI software such as DALLE and Midjourney, etc.
  • Ability to work in small, remote, and in-house multidisciplinary teams.
  • Proficiency and cross-cutting mastery of various media, formats, tools, and techniques of visual communication.
  • Specialisation in creating content for social media.

Nice-to-Have Requirements

  • Knowledge of human interaction science in the digital world and the fashion industry is appreciated.

What We Offer

  • Continuous collaboration as a freelancer.
  • Competitive compensation based on experience and skills, with benefits and annual bonuses based on performance.
  • Daily updates on all company activities and news, participation in team-building activities in Milan and the mountains.
  • Opportunities for growth.

Work Location: 

Milan / Mountains / Remote working

We work smart and focus on results.

You will have the opportunity to work with bright and creative minds. For this position, we are looking for flexible and dynamic professionals available during office hours and beyond, both in-person and remotely.

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