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    social media fashion week coverage

    Get social media coverage at fashion week for your TikTok and Instagram channels.

    Exclusive and real-time content of fashion shows, guests (street style content), backstage, and interviews for your Instagram and TikTok social channels.

    The world of fashion has transformed, but those who sell and communicate collections during fashion weeks have not adapted, and it is no longer possible to rely on solutions, products, and services from the past. Today, as Seth Godin says, “to succeed, you need to be extraordinary, extraordinarily innovative and authentic.” You can do it with InstaSamy. Keep reading to discover how!

    • This service is aimed at shops, malls, department stores, fashion magazines, press offices, trade fairs, and public figures.

    Social media fashion week coverage.

    Fashion week social media coverage is an effective solution to the extreme competitiveness and speed of communication that fashion companies are constantly subjected to.

    While sharing the same identical photos of fashion shows and street style on various Instagram accounts in carousel format was sufficient until two years ago, it is no longer the case. The new high-spending generations communicate through TikTok and Reels videos, and they are demanding generations.

    They want to see authentic, memorable, highquality content with trendy music in line with their taste.

    The world of fashion is changing. What about you?

    The fashion industry is transforming into a “broader cultural industry.” Formerly luxury goods producers, then retailers, gradually transformed into multimedia companies, the fashion houses now resemble “platforms with even more extensive content that welcome creativity and consumers connected by co-creation.”

    Brands become true sociocultural players, capable of shifting values in society, with an almost political role with the click of a button.

    The new generations proudly wear the logo of the brands they purchase because it conveys the brand’s message or the position taken by its artistic director. There is a very strong osmosis between the consumer and the brand.

    So, dear department store, mall, boutique, magazine, press office, where do you position yourself in this scenario?

    How are you promoting fashion weeks on social media?

    Can you differentiate yourself from your competitors when it comes to promoting fashion shows, or do you limit yourself to communicating the same content as everyone else does?

    Reposting the content of fashion shows distributed by fashion houses as they are received leads to no growth, as those posts are already everywhere on the web. The same goes for street style content. By continuing to publish the same content, you will lower the perceived value of your brand and slow down your business growth.

    Because fashion houses have become “evolving cultural players,” it is important that your brand, whether a magazine, a department store, an e-commerce site, a press office, or a small boutique, uses a unique and effective communication language. And this language should be in line with your brand identity, your target audience, generations X, Y, and Z, and the brands you promote and communicate.

    Do you know what this means? Extend the language of the brands you promote but with your unique vision, creating value and becoming extremely authoritative. By doing so, you will achieve a constant and measurable growth trend.

    The solution to change

    We, at InstaSamy, have been pioneers in this new form of fashion week coverage. This project idea has allowed us to become Media Representatives for the most important magazines in the state of Qatar, such as Harper’s Bazaar Qatar, Grazia Arabia, Esquire Qatar, and influential department stores like 51 EAST. Moreover, this vision has allowed us to grow by working with talents, shops, e-commerce sites, magazines, and trade fairs from all over the world.

    From fashion week
    social media
    you will obtain

    • Reels of fashion shows
    • Street style Reels composed of videos and photos
    • Backstage videos and photos
    • Interviews with a designer, printers, buyers, and guests
    • Contents for special projects
    • Co-created Instagram effects.

    We develop content for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as for your website in real time. Day after day.

    We work from morning till late at night to allow you to publish ahead of your competitors and thus ensure an increase in engagement.

     Benefits of fashion week coverage on social media

    Effectively communicating with exclusive content dedicated to fashion shows allows you to:


    • exponentially increase the perceived value of your brand
    • achieve a consistent growth trend
    • strengthen relationships with your stakeholders (investors, employees, suppliers, potential customers, customers, subscribers, and followers)
    • increase sales (B2B and B2C)
    • improve the positioning of your brand
    • stand out
    • become more authoritative and capable of effectively influencing the final choice of your potential or existing customers, readers, and followers
    • create new business development opportunities
    • be authentic and extraordinary.

    How fashion week social media coverage works

    1. 30 days before the start of the catwalks, you select the fashion shows that interest you and the quantity of street style posts you desire.
    2. Together, we define the brief by setting deadlines, KPIs, and goals.
    3. We send you the most effective communication strategy for the project, aimed at achieving your goals.
    4. We create the editorial grid and search for trendy songs for your business account.
    5. We send you two graphic style samples for TikTok and Instagram videos and for image posts.
    6. In real time, during fashion week, you receive ready-to-post content on Dropbox. It includes street style, fashion shows, backstage footage, and interviews.

    Our teams are present at New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks.

    Social Media Fashion
    Week Coverage for
    department stores
    and e-commerce

    For fashion houses, obtaining coverage of the fashion shows directly from you (malls, department stores, e-commerce, and boutiques) is of utmost value because unlike fashion magazines, you buy and sell their collections, reaching a loyal and highspending user base that has already made purchases. This target audience wants to be directly inspired by you because you are a brand to them, and they feel cool not only when they buy the brands you sell but also when they make purchases from you, who are as authoritative as or, sometimes, even more authoritative than the brands you offer.

    Your end customers prefer to consume fashion show-related content on your social platforms rather than on those of magazines because they trust you.

    This project allows you to build customer loyalty, strengthen relationships with the brands you buy, and achieve exponential growth in terms of brand awareness, followers, and acquiring new customers. You will increase the perceived value of your brand.

    • Discover the success story of 51 EAST, the most influential department store in Qatar owned by Darwish Holding.

    Fashion Week Social Media Coverage for magazines

    Most fashion magazines and industry blogs continue to publish the same photos of fashion shows and street style. During Fashion Weeks, it seems there is only one duplicated magazine on multiple Instagram accounts. High-quality copy is written by true fashion industry experts under the posts, but the perceived value of the experience you offer is nullified when you accompany standard images with your brief articles.

    Each magazine, each blog has its own valuable brand identity, distinctive positioning, and undoubtedly a different target audience.

    By effectively communicating fashion show content, you can:

    • achieve a consistent and measurable growth trend
    • acquire new followers and readers
    • increase your authority
    • successfully position yourself within a social platform teeming with online shoppers who desire to be nourished by you
    • strengthen relationships with your stakeholders: investors, employees, suppliers, potential customers, customers, subscribers, and followers
    • increase sales in both B2B and B2C
    • make a difference
    • be authentic and extraordinary.


    Discover the successful cases achieved with Grazia Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Qatar, Esquire, and Savoir Faire.


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    Request your quote now!

    Contact us now! Let’s create an extraordinary, unique, and memorable fashion week social media coverage togetherStarting price: €6000.

    Our team will contact you soon.

    Fashion Week Social Media Coverage for Trade Shows

    Fashion, cosmetics, design, and high jewellery trade shows attract guests, buyers, and exhibitors from around the world who have unique identities and trendy styles.

    Increase the perceived value of your trade show by communicating its internationality, quantity, and especially the style of the attendees with dedicated social media content, such as street style photos and videos. You will make your trade show influential, enhance the perceived value of your brand, and attract new exhibitors and visitors for future editions.

    Furthermore, you can enhance the experience of exhibitors and visitors with Instagram filters, exponentially increasing brand visibility. Check out the Instagram filter we created for COSMOPROF!

    Create cocreated social media content with the Key Opinion Leaders of the trade show and achieve a consistent and measurable growth trend! Contact us now.

    Fashion Week Social Media Coverage for PR Agencies

    Are you a fashion PR agency representing different brands and want to make a difference?

    We have two extraordinary solutions for you!

    • Most journalists, influencers, and buyers often find it challenging to create quality content due to lighting conditions, positioning, limited time, etc. The materials that PR agencies send to journalists, influencers, and buyers are not designed for social media and often not shared instantly. This lack of sharing prevents the brand from achieving desired results in terms of collection launches through social media. Entrust the production of social media content for the event and collection to our agency. We will create professional social media content, such as carousel posts, square photos, Instagram stories, and reels, with animated graphics. This way, journalists and buyers will receive posts in real-time and ready to be published on their channels.
    • Highlight the event you organised during fashion week and the attendees who wore the brand you represent by creating dedicated Instagram Reels. Create co-created content with influencers who will wear and promote the brand, exponentially increasing the brand awareness of your PR agency and your client.

    Fashion Week Social Media Coverage for Influencers, Talents, and Public Figures

    One of the most effective strategies to increase brand awareness is to optimise the experience during Fashion Weeks. To do this, it is necessary to hire a production team that can photograph, film, and create real-time content for your social media channels.

    Make your experience at fashion weeks extraordinary! Check out the success case with the famous American Influencer Laura Iafrate.



    You can buy fashion show photos on Getty Images or InstaSamy. With an important difference: Getty Images sells the same photo to multiple clients, while InstaSamy creates exclusive photos for clients.

    To get fashion show photos, you can contact a fashion week content production agency like Getty Images. Alternatively, you can purchase them exclusively at a much lower price from InstaSamy.

    Street style photographers work for magazines or production agencies. The most important agencies are InstaSamy and Getty Images.

    Outside fashion shows, VIPs, influencers, or people with trendy styles are usually photographed. If you want to have your photo taken during fashion week, you need to hire a street style photographer at InstaSamy.

    Fashion show tickets are not for sale. Fashion shows invite industry professionals, but there are luxury service agencies that can help you obtain invitations to the shows.

    The requirements to get invited to fashion shows are:

    • Being a journalist from a relevant publication
    • Being a buyer
    • Being a VIP or special guest of the brand
    • Being an established influencer.

    If you don’t meet any of these requirements, you can rely on specialised agencies like ours.


    To attend fashion shows, you need to have been invited by the brands.

    You can order fashion week photos on our website with a 30-day notice.

    The calendar with the addresses of the fashion shows can be found on the websites of the Fashion Chamber.

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