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Esquire Qatar e Grazia Arabia

Esquire Qatar – Grazia Arabia | Fashion | Qatar

Esquire Qatar e Grazia Arabia SUCCESS STORY

Full Access influencer marketing


In 2020, during the pandemic, fashion magazines Grazia Arabia and Esquire Qatar wanted to continue increasing their brand awareness and significantly support the fashion industry during that critical time.


In 2020, due to the lockdown, fashion brands were unable to showcase their collections through in-person fashion shows. Fashion weeks were entirely digital. As a result, it was challenging to create unique and dedicated content or capture street style.



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With Esquire Qatar and Grazia Arabia, we launched the Full Access project. We curated the coverage of digital fashion weeks on Instagram, creating exclusive content and involving influencers, celebrities, fashion brands, and the Fashion Chambers of Milan, Paris, and London. We created an extraordinary synergy among all the stakeholders, allowing the magazines to achieve exponential growth and strengthen their relationships with fashion houses.

The official project launch statement by the Editor-in-Chief of both magazines, Bianca Brigitte Bonomi.

Digital Street Style – Influencer Marketing
During the Digital Fashion Week, we asked celebrities and influencers to take a photo of themselves in a special outfit while watching their favourite brand’s fashion show comfortably from home. We then asked them to send us the image so that we could publish it on the Instagram channels of Esquire Qatar and Grazia Arabia magazines.
We created an Instagram editorial plan alternating content dedicated to digital fashion shows with street style content.

  • On Grazia Arabia, we published photos of actresses, influencers, stylists, buyers, and singers from around the world. Some names include Nataly Osmann, Nicole Scherzinger, Ana De Armas, Xenia Tchoumi, Leonie Hanne, Audrey Bouettetiger, Ester Exposito, Nieves Alvares, Mary Leest, Patricia Contreras, Ludovica Meral Frasca, Alba Sofy, Afra Beaty, Silke Hajunga, Viky Rader, Tamara, Kalinc, Andrea Thiebat, Monira Akrmi, Patricia Clarkson, Lavinia Fukas, Deimante, Silvia Abascal, Bella Tehrani, Sira Pevida, and the Ami and Aya Amiaya twins.
  • On Esquire Qatar, we published photos of singers, stylists, celebrities, buyers, and influencers such as Irama, Emmanuel, Andrew Gelwicks, Ashton Gohil, Alessandro Egger, Michael Collins, Daniel W Fletcher, Filippo Fiora, Victor Blanco, Filippo Cirulli, Andrea Faccio, and Andrea Cerioli.

Many magazines wrote about the Full Access fashion project.


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Influencers and famous individuals collaborated with the magazines

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Both magazines generated positive sentiment online, showcasing strength and support during a global crisis.

Brands and influencers shared the posts published by Esquire Qatar and Grazia Arabia, resulting in exponential growth of their Instagram accounts.

Fashion houses felt supported by the magazines, strengthening the bonds between brands and the magazines.

Thanks to this strategy, the brand awareness of the magazines grew in Qatar and worldwide, especially in fashion capitals.
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