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Development of the positioning strategy for the magazine through Instagram


In 2017, Grazia Arabia, the most influential magazine in Qatar, aimed to increase its brand awareness in fashion capitals. The ultimate goal was to achieve significant positioning through Instagram and Facebook to acquire new international clients.


In 2017, Qatar was still in the process of development and was not yet an influential state in the fashion industry. There were few stores of major international brands, and consequently, international brands had little interest in launching advertising activities in that market.


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To successfully position the magazine, we participated in the ready-to-wear and Couture Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. We created dedicated content for the fashion shows and published them in real-time on Instagram and Facebook. The content was in line with the magazine’s brand identity, the vision of Editor-in-Chief Bianca Brigitte Bonomi, and the culture of Qatar. The brand-specific content allowed the magazine to establish connections crucial for its growth with fashion houses (potential clients) and gain recognition in fashion capitals. The key to success We built an effective publishing system that allowed the magazine to share pre-edited content from fashion shows on Instagram in real-time, such as videos and stories with graphics and brand logos. Publishing fashion show content on Instagram ahead of competitors allowed the magazine to gain more engagement. In addition to content dedicated to fashion shows, Grazia Arabia published street style, backstage, and interview content, all produced by our team and shared in real-time. Street style content was strategic for the growth of the Instagram account, as influencers, celebrities, buyers, editors, and key opinion leaders who were photographed and featured would repost the content on their social media profiles. These reposts increased the magazine’s visibility and, consequently, the number of followers on the Instagram account.
  • Grazia Arabia Qatar, in collaboration with our agency, was a pioneer in real-time fashion show coverage on Instagram. Read more here
After the fashion shows, we published a portion of the work produced during fashion weeks in the printed magazine, which was distributed monthly in Qatar. This way, we also reached the less social media-oriented target audience and directed them to the Instagram channel, where readers could find new content for free. By doing so, we created a strong osmosis between the brand and the readers. Furthermore, we focused on conveying news and special projects with local and international brands like Valentino, Miu Miu, Prada, and Four Seasons through Instagram. We created visually impactful content using motion graphic design techniques and animated illustrations. Additionally, we applied the science of human interactions to the digital world and developed AR marketing and co-creation projects.


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The magazine successfully positioned itself in the fashion world and established collaborations with international brands.

The magazine’s Instagram account received verification from Instagram in 2018.

The strategy adopted on Instagram allowed Grazia Arabia to increase the perceived value of the brand and differentiate itself from other magazines that use very similar communication language. Thanks to our strategy, Instagram became the most important communication channel for the magazine.

  • Instasamy worked with Grazia Arabia for four years until its closure in 2021. The success with the magazine allowed our social media marketing agency in Milan to become the media representative for the most important magazines in Qatar:Harper’s Bazaar Qatar and Esquire Qatar, with whom we created other successful cases. To this day, we continue to produce fashion show content for these magazines.
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