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    Laura Iafrate

    Influencer Marketing | Italy | Laura Iafrate | New York

    Laura Iafrate SUCCESS STORY

    The American influencer who became famous in Milan thanks to a successful social media content strategy.
    Instagram account @lauraiafrate1


    Laura Iafrate is an American model and fashion influencer, well-known in Mexico and New York. Her goal was to increase awareness in Europe, specifically in the fashion capitals, and to work with major brands in the fashion and luxury industry.


    The fashion industry pioneers many trends on social media and collaborations with influencers, but it is also a highly saturated market.

    80% of fashion influencers aim to showcase what they buy and wear. In doing so, they tend to imitate the most famous influencers, losing authenticity.


    To achieve Laura’s goal, we designed a strategy to create valuable, authentic, memorable, and highly viral content. And we did it during the most important period for the fashion industry: September, during Milan Fashion Week.

    We proposed to Laura to participate in the Milan Fashion Week to create high-impact visual content.

    Our production team organized the hotel, transportation, outfits to wear, schedule, invitation requests for fashion shows, events, and press.

    We pre-created Laura’s content stories with mood boards and storyboards, meticulously caring for every single detail:

    • what she would wear
    • what kind of makeup and hairstyle
    • what she would say and where
    • what music we would use
    • the goals of each individual post.

    Everything was defined approximately two months before the start of Milan Fashion Week.

    Our videographers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and hair stylists followed Laura constantly every day and all day to develop high-quality content practically in real-time. We created Instagram content such as reels, carousels, street style posts, and stories.

    To differentiate ourselves from other influencers, we chose to create social media content dedicated to behind-the-scenes moments, her personal experiences, and fashion shows.

    InstaSamy also took care of conveying and distributing Laura’s images to optimize her exposure to the fullest.

    Instagram Beauty Filter

    To enhance Laura’s brand identity and increase her awareness during fashion week, we developed an Instagram beauty filter.

    This allowed followers who identify with her to use the filter and create a connection with Laura.

    The Media Kit

    At the end of fashion month, we developed her Media Kit to enable Laura to find the best talent agency to represent her, both to work with luxury brands and to work directly with them.


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    Engagement during Fashion Week

    Many Italian luxury brands, such as Genny, Cividini, Oriental Fashion Week, Moncler, Max Mara, Vivetta, Anteprima, became aware of and collaborated with Laura.

    International magazines like Vogue, Elle, Grazia shared her photos in street style galleries.

    Her Instagram account exponentially increased the number of followers and engagement.

    Upon returning to Mexico, Laura received proposals from many talent management agencies and is now represented by the most important ones.
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