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MaxMara aimed to increase brand awareness through Instagram, grow consistently, and create a connection with its community.


Instagram features a lot of unused and useless filters that do not meet the users’ needs. On the other hand, viral filters always fulfill the most important needs of Instagram users and the target audience you want to reach. Filters are a powerful tool to create a strong osmosis between the brand and the consumer.


We analysed the brand’s target audience and created a useful and fun filter specifically targeting that audience. The filter improved the users’ experience on the platform and strengthened the bond between the brand and the consumer. It continues to generate consistent brand awareness to this day.

We leveraged MaxMara’s mascot, Teddy Bear, to make the filter easily recognizable, unique, memorable, and effortlessly imprinted in the minds of loyal customers.

We developed the 3D Teddy Bear, animating it for the front and rear camera.

  • Using the rear camera, users have the ability to place Teddy Bear wherever they prefer, enlarging or shrinking it as they please.
  • Using the front camera, users see Teddy Bear as huge, with a “chase” effect.

The idea was so effective that the filter did not require advertising investments or co-creation activities with influencers. In fact, MaxMara’s Instagram filter grew and continues to grow organically.


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The filter was used by the B2B sector, which buys and sells the brand, by customers, followers, and even by salespeople in stores.

Moreover, influencers and celebrities enjoyed taking selfies and creating extraordinary reels and posts with the Teddy Bear filter.

The filter was also used in China, where Instagram is blocked.
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