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Loletta Dog

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Pet influencer marketing


The owner of Loletta Dog, a charming Italian golden retriever, wanted to create awareness, trigger online conversations, and exponentially grow its Instagram page. The goal was to make his dog famous.


Instagram is a platform teeming with posts of cute dogs and animals. It’s worth noting that the competition among animals is almost higher than that among people.

Furthermore, making a person different, memorable, and recognizable is easier compared to doing the same for an animal. This is because a human being has the ability to persuade users with their own voice and style. On the other hand, a dog, no matter how aesthetically beautiful, is naturally similar to many other dogs.


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The Empathy Factor

To exponentially increase brand awareness, we created a content creation strategy based on the “empathy factor.” To achieve this, we’ve created humorous content.

When people have fun, they produce hormones of happiness, namely oxytocin, adrenaline, and serotonin. The production of this powerful hormonal cocktail leads users to build trust. The result? People started following Loletta’s profile, engaging positively with the posts, and proudly sharing reels and photos not only on Instagram but also on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Instagram Filter

We integrated the development of an Instagram effect into the Instagram marketing strategy.

We created the first Instagram filter in Italy for dogs, which generated 9 million uses in one year.

The filter met the needs of all users who love creating stories, Instagram reels, and photos with their dogs. Additionally, Loletta Dog’s Instagram filter triggered a real online word-of-mouth, allowing her to grow successfully.

Instagram Shoutout

We invited the owners of other influencer dogs to share Lola’s posts and engage in shoutout activities to exchange targeted followers.

The Media Kit

At the end of our collaboration, we created Loletta Dog’s media kit to enable her to work with brands and be represented by the world’s most famous pet influencer agencies.

Duration of Collaboration

We collaborated with Loletta during the pandemic, starting from March 2020 for approximately 6 months.


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The feedback from Loletta Dog’s owner:

“Loletta’s TikTok and Instagram accounts grew in record time thanks to InstaSamy’s creativity combined with great speed and dedication, along with a deep and up-to-date knowledge of social media and web marketing. No other consultant has shown such an innovative spirit and willingness to help me achieve my goals”.
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