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ChicPig | Fashion | Italy

Content Marketing Strategy for Chic Pig

Memorable And Identifiable Digital Experience ʕ •ɷ•ʔฅ


Instasamy collaborated with Chic Pig, a luxury Italian jewelry brand, to develop a targeted content marketing strategy for the Christmas season. The project included creating visually impactful graphics and text content for Instagram, aiming to increase the brand’s perceived value and boost holiday sales.


  • Creating Visually Impactful Content: Utilizing human interaction science to craft attention-grabbing content.
  • Targeting Generations X, Y, and Z: Adopting effective communication methods for different age groups.
  • Increasing Brand Perception: Reinforcing Chic Pig’s image as a high-quality luxury brand.
  • Boosting Christmas Sales: Leveraging the holiday season to drive sales and brand recognition.

SOLUTION ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

  • Brand Positioning Analysis: Analyzed Chic Pig’s market positioning and redefined the target audience for maximum strategy effectiveness.
  • Instagram Content Marketing Strategy: Developed an effective Instagram content strategy for the holiday season, focusing on elegant and high-quality content.
  • Strengthening Brand Identity: Highlighted Chic Pig’s Made in Italy heritage, press features, credo, vision, and mission through engaging and authentic content.
  • Creating Persuasive Content: Combined visual storytelling with motion graphics to produce persuasive graphical and textual content for Instagram carousel posts and stories.
  • AR Marketing Project: Developed an AR Instagram filter to foster continuous and measurable brand growth, enhancing user interaction in an innovative way.


  1. Memorable Digital Experience: Created a memorable and identifiable digital experience, strengthening brand identity and engaging a niche, high-performing target.
  2. Increased Brand Awareness: The Instagram filter continues to gain popularity, contributing to sustained brand awareness growth.
  3. Boosted Holiday Sales: The content marketing strategy led to a significant increase in holiday sales, receiving positive consumer feedback.
  4. Enhanced Brand Perception: Improved Chic Pig’s perception as a luxury, high-quality brand through engaging visual content.
  5. Improved Engagement: Generated high engagement levels on Instagram, increasing interactions and followers.


The collaboration between Instasamy and Chic Pig illustrates how a well-planned content marketing strategy can yield exceptional results. Utilizing advanced visual storytelling, motion graphics, and AR marketing techniques, we elevated Chic Pig’s profile, increased brand awareness, and boosted holiday sales.

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