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    Alessandro Giusti

    Alessandro Giusti | Italy | Music

    Social Media Marketing Strategy for Alessandro Giusti

    Instagram Content Strategy ▶︎ •၊၊||၊|။|||| |


    In 2024, Instasamy collaborated with emerging singer Alessandro Giusti to promote his new single “Tonight” on Instagram and TikTok. Our agency developed a comprehensive content creation strategy aimed at amplifying the song’s message and increasing the artist’s visibility. The project included creating 36 creative pieces of content, utilizing music influencer marketing, and implementing a Spotify marketing strategy.


    • Music Promotion on Social Media: Effectively promoting the single on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify.
    • Amplifying the Song’s Message: Ensuring the song’s message reached and resonated with a wide audience.
    • Increasing the Singer’s Visibility: Boosting Alessandro Giusti’s social media presence to build a solid fan base.
    • Creating an Authentic and Memorable Image: Establishing a high-impact visual identity that is authentic, memorable, and recognizable to distinguish Alessandro Giusti in the competitive music industry.

    SOLUTION ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

    • Content Creation Strategy: Developed a content creation strategy for Instagram and TikTok, producing 36 visually appealing posts, stories, and videos aligned with the song “Tonight”.
    • Strengthening Personal Brand Identity: Enhanced Alessandro Giusti’s personal brand identity, ensuring each post reflected his authentic and charismatic image. Utilized storytelling techniques to create an engaging narrative around his music and personality.
    • AI-Powered Video Effects: Integrated AI to create video effects resonating with Gen X and Z, enhancing visual appeal and engagement.
    • Music Influencer Marketing: Activated music influencer marketing strategies, involving music influencers to promote the single. Collaborated with fashion magazines like Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar, which used the song in their content.
    • Spotify Marketing Strategy: Developed a Spotify marketing strategy to boost song streams, utilizing playlist placement and targeted promotions to reach a broader audience.



    The collaboration with Alessandro Giusti yielded significant results:

    1. 36 High-Impact Visual Contents: Created 36 visual contents, increasing Alessandro Giusti’s presence on Instagram and TikTok, capturing the attention of a wide audience.
    2. 100% Increase in Engagement: Implemented strategies doubled the engagement on Alessandro Giusti’s social profiles, significantly improving fan interaction.
    3. Adoption by Creators: Numerous creators used the song “Tonight” to create content on Instagram and TikTok, further amplifying the single’s visibility.
    4. Support from Fashion Magazines: Influential fashion magazines like Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar supported the song’s launch, using it in their content and contributing to broader dissemination.


    The social media marketing project for Alessandro Giusti demonstrates how an integrated strategy can lead to exceptional results. Through a mix of creativity, AI utilization, and music influencer marketing, Instasamy successfully elevated the artist’s profile, increased the visibility of his music, and created a strong connection with fans. Visit Sortlist to learn more about our projects and how we can help your brand grow through innovative marketing strategies.

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