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Create your own fantastic personalized Instagram filters!

Make each post unique thanks to Instagram filters created by our team!

If you’re asking yourself how you can get fantastic filters for your Instagram you are in the right place.

Instagram filters help you increase your followers, your profile’s reach, and will make you famous! Augmented reality, moreover, allows users to make their own Instagram stories more eye-catching thanks to masks and filters.

Grazia Arabia, Max Mara, Leaf Greener, Vivetta, Ulyana Sergeenko are just few of the brands we served.

On our Instagram account @Instasamy_ you will find other filters created for celebrities, fashion brands, dogs and much more.

We improve
with cutting edge

We improve
with cutting edge

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Commission your Instagram filter from us.

We create all types of Instagram filters.

Our team is composed of Art Directors with years of experience in fashion and 3D developers.

You will be contacted by our team as soon as possible.

Instagram filters.

Having a “cool” Instagram filter allows you to quickly increase your Instagram profile followers because, if other Instagrammers like your filter, in order to save it in their library they will have to follow you or at least go to your profile.

Your Instagram account will be promoted every time Instagram users use your branded filter. The name of the effect will appear in the users’ story followed by the link to its creator’s profile. Your tag will be visible to the followers of users that use your filter.  Consequently your brand awareness and the reach of your profile will grow.

That’s why creating customized filters is of such great interest to companies and influencers.

Filters are mainly used by influencers, brands and public figures.

Prada, for example, created its own Instagram filter for its spring summer 2019/2020 show. All the guests and brand lovers wore the filter making the event even more unique and increasing the profile’s reach. The filter went viral and was used by many, many other users.

Fashion Influencers like Chiara Ferragni, Taylor Mega, fashion magazines, brands like Nike, Off White and many others have a personalized Instagram filter for their stories.

Instagram Filters Online – How to create them and where to find them

Many often search “Online Instagram filters” on Google thinking they will find them on some site, but filters for Instagram stories can only be found on Instagram. You can find them in the filter section or on the profiles of users who already have their own filter.

When you find a filter you like you can get information on the filter by swiping up. Once you have swiped up you will find the filter name, its creator and you will be able to see all the developers’ filters and many others.

How to get Instagram filters

How can you get filters? You are in the right place. If your intention is to create a filter for your Instagram stories you can commission the idea to us, experts in developing these fantastic effects! We have already created filters for influencers, fairs, magazines, brands, Olympic champions and public figures. 

How can you create Instagram filters?

Instagram filters can only be developed with ad hoc software.

Initially you could use only the official filters already on Instagram. Later software came out that allows you to create augmented reality effects, dedicated only to developers approved by the social network.

“At this year’s F8, we announced our plans to move out of Spark Ar’s closed beta on Instagram and give the entire community of Spark Ar creators the power to publish their effects on Instagram”, announces Facebook on its Tech@Facebook portal”.

The latest Instagram update removed all beauty filters that promote plastic surgery.

NB : we are not talking about photo filters, but filters for your Ig stories. Filters can also be used to shoot photos however they were not created for that (like VSCO ones), but for stories.

Commission your Instagram filter from us.

We create all types of Instagram filters.

Our team is composed of Art Directors with years of experience in fashion and 3D developers.

Once created, the filters will go in the filters section of your Instagram wall.

Creating a filter takes us from two to three weeks depending on the complexity of the filter.

To date we have created all types of filters. See the list below.

As for beauty filters could not create “plastic surgery effect filters“. In September 2020 Spark Ar changed rules – we can now create them and we have also specialized in instagram filters cartoon style 

  • Facial beauty filter
  • Fashion facial filter
  • Fun facial filter
  • Selfie facial filter
  • Love facial filter
  • Lights and colour facial filter
  • Mood facial filter
  • Surroundings filter
  • Animal facial filter
  • Events facial filter
  • Fan facial filter
  • Causes filter
  • Science fiction and fantasy Instagram filter
  • Cartoon Instagram Filter
  • 3D Music Instagram Filters
  • Filters for DJ


How much does a facial filter cost?

It depends. A filter can cost from 400€ to 20k€ – We can send you a quote based on your needs, looking to satisfy your expectations and respect your budget.

How much time does it take to create an Instagram filter?

It takes about two/three weeks, if it’s simple even less.

Do I need it? Is it right for me?

Yes, absolutely. If you are a brand, the filter could help you not only increase followers of your profile, but also reinforce your brand awareness. What’s more, having your own Instagram filter is a cute and creative way to attract attention.

Have you already done fashion or personal Instagram filters?

Yes, many for fashion brands during shows, others for influencers and magazines.

Recently we have done one for a jewel fair. We care about your privacy so we don’t share the work we do.

How many trials do you send us before the filter is perfect?

Many: we are not happy until you are too.

Do you also do non-facial filters? For the setting?

Yes, absolutely: they are our designers’ favourites!

What are you waiting for?

Do you need help?

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