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YouTube is one of the most used advertising platforms in Italy. 
We are bilingual, we speak English and Italian and we are based in Milan, fashion capital – one of the most important cities in the world. 
We are specialised in creating YouTube ads for foreign brands who want to increase their brand awareness and sales mainly in the Italian market. 
To advertise in Italy you need to know not just our language but also our culture. The tone used in the copy of campaigns translated by a foreign advertiser may seem offensive for us or we may just not like it. 
To hit the Italian market you have to rely on an Italian agency that knows the sector you want to move in. 
Here at Instasamy our main sector is fashion but we have gained extensive experience in many other fields as suppliers of many digital agencies that buy and sell our service. 
If you want to give visibility to your channel, increase your subscribers or the views of your videos Youtube Ads are the ideal solution for you.

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If you want to give visibility to your channel, increase your subcribers or video views Youtube Ads are the ideal solution for you.

Just as for the other social networks, you can also create advertising campaigns on the most popular video platform in the world.

What are Youtube Ads?

They are a very powerful advertising tool through which you can make your product or service known to an incredible number of users. 

There is something important you should know: doing Youtube Ads is a real job aand calls for a deep knowledge of the subject.

For this reason, if you want to reach important results, we advise you to consult professional field experts.

Here at Instasamy we have a Team specialized in Youtube Ads and over time we have successfully helped brands, influencers and Youtubers, gaining great experience in the sector.

If you want to get into contact with us to understand how to grow on Youtube, you can write to us at or in chat!

Let’s look in detail at what type of Ads you can do on Youtube.

In-stream Youtube Ads.

This type of advert is designed to attract users’ attention in the first five seconds.

Then the user can decide whether to continue watching the advert or skip it and carry on watching other content.

In other words what happens is that the user inevitably sees your advert.

However, having only 5 seconds before the user can choose to skip, you have to be good at creating immediately captivating and involving content!

The in-stream type of ads also includes those that can’t be ignored, or rather those that users can’t skip.

This type of ad can appear during a video, before the start or at the end.

Which users will see your in-stream ads?

The ads are targeted in order to appear to users that:

Look for something on YouTube writing specific keywords

  • Have already watched similar videos
  • Usually watch videos on a particular channel
  • Have visited a page of a specific site (retargeting)

How much do in-stream Youtube Ads cost?

For this type of ad you pay per view CPV (Cost per View) and the amount can change according to how targeted you want your audience to be.

In any case if just the first 30 seconds are viewed, Youtube won’t charge you anything; past this limit instead you will be charged.

Doing this type of ad will bring you a higher number of impressions than other advertising campaigns, but above all users that are in target and interested in your contents.  

Video discovery ads

With this type of campaign you can advertize your videos making them visible on Youtube.

Where? Next to the related videos, in the Youtube research results or on the Youtube mobile  home page.

Video discovery ads have a thubnail image of the video and a text. You will be charged only when users decide to watch the ad clicking on the thubnail.

Sizes change according to the positioning, but in all cases invite the user to click.

The video will start on the view page or on the Youtube channel page.

Video discovery as, unlike other types of campaigns, encourage the user to stay on Youtube and so don’t redirect him immediately to your site or landing page.

We advise this type of campaign to who wants to increase subscribers to their channel or to who wants to increase views of their content reaching in target users.

Do you want to bring users to your site through video discovery ads?

To do this you will have to add calls to action inside the video where the user will land.

Alternatively you can add links to your site or landing page in the description!  

Calls to action have to be big and well visible, but that’s not enough.

To get the user to click on your ad it’s very important to create eye-catching thumbnails, using imaginative fonts and bright colours.

Also for this type of ad campaign it is fundamental to study a winning strategy that considers not only the target but also graphic creativity.

Don’t be afraid: we are here to help you with this too!

Bumper ads

If you want to attract your audience with a brief but impactful message bumper ads are a great solution.  

Bumper ads last 6 seconds or less and are shown before, during or after another video. These ads cannot be skipped.

Calls to action have a fundamental role here: the words used must be very powerful and able to get the user to click on your ad without hesitating in few seconds.

Outstream ads

These are ads specifically for mobile that are shown only in Google partner videos.

Outstream ads are shown initially with the sound off. If the users want to they can touch the video to turn the sound back on.

Their function is to increase the cover of the video and reach as many users as possible.

Why wil focusing on Youtube Ads prove to be a winning move for your brand?

First of all because “breaks down waste”.

This means that you will pay only if a user views your advert and proves to be potentially interested in you.

Moreover, detailed targeting will help you to reach very specific audience segments, seperating them according to age, interests,behaviour and much more.

You should not underestiamte the fact that Youtube ads can be seen from any device without any problems.

This is great news for advertisers as most visitors to the ads come from mobiles!

The combo of ads and video is therefore an extremely powerful tool for those who want to grow on Youtube: the ads get new shares and channel subscribers, while videos have the power to inspire and amuse the users that no other communication tool has!

Are you ready to raise the bar in the world of Youtube?

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I have a Youtube channel and woud like to grow: are Youtube Ads for me?

All channels that want growth should use this type of service. In any case we will evaulate together which can be the most suitable growth strategy for you.

Do you need my Youtube password to create the ads?

No, we don’t need your password for any of the services present on this site.

Will a good Youtube ads strategy increase subscribers to my channel?

Certainly. Growth in subscribers, views of your videos and in general the awareness of your contents are among the main benefits you will obtain.  

Is advertising on Youtube expensive?

We can say that Youtube breaks down waste.

You will pay only when someone see your ads and shows interest in your content.

Do you need help?

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