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Social Media Content Production for Duravit at Salone del Mobile 2024

Strategic Content Production ʕ ́ᵔᴥᵔ ̀ʔっ


During the Salone del Mobile 2024, Instasamy collaborated with Duravit, a leader in bathroom furnishings, to create and manage social media content. The goal was to enhance brand visibility and promote new collections across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


  • Rapid and Massive Content Production: Creating and publishing 75 videos in four days, covering launches at both Salone del Mobile and Fuori Salone.
  • Real-Time Distribution: Ensuring part of the videos were published in real-time to maintain audience interest and generate immediate engagement.
  • Adapting to Generational Languages: Using appropriate languages and formats for different generations across social platforms, in line with brand guidelines.

SOLUTION ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ

  • Organization: Detailed planning allowed efficient management of high-volume content production within a short timeframe. Close collaboration with Duravit ensured seamless activity synchronization.
  • Speed: Optimized production processes enabled high-quality content delivery in real-time, including shooting, editing, and immediate video publication.
  • Creativity: Employed visual storytelling and innovative techniques to create engaging content aligned with Duravit’s brand image. The strategy included teaser videos, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and product presentations.


  1. Increased Perceived Brand Value: High-quality, original content reinforced Duravit’s image as an innovative leader in the sector.
  2. Enhanced Brand Awareness: The campaign reached a broad audience, utilizing suitable languages and formats for different generations, significantly amplifying Duravit’s online presence.
  3. High Engagement: Published content generated substantial interaction, with comments, shares, and likes exceeding expectations.


The collaboration between Instasamy and Duravit at Salone del Mobile 2024 showcased the effectiveness of a well-planned and executed content marketing strategy. The ability to produce high-quality content quickly, combined with visual storytelling techniques, successfully engaged a wide audience and elevated brand visibility. This project exemplifies the key elements for successful digital marketing campaigns: organization, speed, and creativity.

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