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Tik Tok is one of the most used advertising platforms in Italy

We are bilingual, we speak English and Italian and we are based in Milan, fashion capital – one of the most important cities in the world. 

We are specialised in creating TikTok ads for foreign brands who want to increase their brand awareness and sales mainly in the Italian market. 

To advertise in Italy you need to know not just our language but also our culture. The tone used in the copy of campaigns translated by a foreign advertiser may seem offensive for us or we may just not like it. 

To hit the Italian market you have to rely on an Italian agency that knows the sector you want to move in. 

Here at Instasamy.com our main sector is fashion but we have gained extensive experience in many other fields as suppliers of many digital agencies that buy and sell our service. 

Tik-Tok ads campaigns represent the new frontier of advertising that you can’t miss!

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TikTok ad campaigns represent the new frontier in advertising. Don’t let them get away!

If your company aims at an audience aged between 6 and 24 years old, you’re in the right place.

The reason is very simple: 41% of users signed up to TikTok are in this age range!

As all social networks in their launch phase, at the beginning TikTok had a very young audience, but now adults are also starting to use it.

Seeing incredible growth, at the beginning of 2019 the app launched the first beta version of its platform for adverts.

Since then big brands like Nike, Amazon and many others started to experiment with TikTok ad campaigns to promote their own products.  

Today, the “generation Z” of TikTokers is literally going crazy over this social network and the growth in active users has reached lofty figures.  

Just think that the app is getting a number of downloads even higher than Facebook!

This incredible boom in new members can help you to understand the importance of focusing on TikTok ad campaigns to grow your brand.

Advertising on TikTok can get you a great return in terms of traffic, but it is essential you structure your campaigns well.

The risk of wasting budget without getting results is just around the corner and for this reason, we suggest you trust in professional experts.

Keep in mind that a TikTok campaign is very efficient but also more expensive than, for example, Instagram ads.

We at Instasamy successfully deal with TikTok campaigns for many brands that work in various sectors and, thanks to our experience, we can help you create ads that are made to measure for you!

The objectives of TikTok ad campaigns are:

As for other platforms, on TikTok you can choose which objective you want to reach foryour campaigns.

There are three objectives currently available: ‘

  1. Consideration campaigns (trafiic on a site/ profile)
  2. App installation
  3. Conversions

As the names themselves suggest, the objective of “traffic campaigns” is to bring as many (in target) users as possible to your site or landing page.

Choosing “App installations” you will be able to sponsor your app and get it downloaded by users with a click.

“Conversion campaigns”, instead, are for generating leads and profiling users especially if you have an e-commerce or sell info-products.

The formats available for TikTok ad campaigns.

At the moment the TikTok advertising platform has made two formats available: images and video, horizontals, verticals or squared.  

One of the most interesting tools regards the creation of videos.

The platform offers models of personalizable videos and images, with more than 300 songs to add in the background!

Positioning for TikTok ad campaigns.

We have seen which objectives we can choose and which formats to give to our ads, but let’s see which positionings we can choose.

In-Feed Video: is the native format used by all the users. Sponsored videos are shown inside the users’ video streaming.

  • Hashtag Challenge: An involving and really fun advertising system for users! You can invite other TikTokers to create content using specific hashtags.  
  • Hashtag challenge plus: unlike the Hashtag Challenge you will be able to add an area called Discover and add products referred to the challenge that can be bought.
  • Brand Takeover: this is a full-screen ad that the user sees as soon as he opens the TikTok app.
  • Branded Lens: a format that allows you to create models and filters that users can use in their own videos.
  • Top Views: similar to Brand Takeover, but you can find them in the “For you” section together with other videos with the addition of a call to action.

These are manual positionings for TikTok ad campaigns, but you can also use automatic positioning.

These are selected automatically by TikTok algorithms, but we prefer to choose and adapt each one based on the needs of the campaign.

How can you identify the ideal target for your campaigns?

As we said initially, when it comes to creating TikTok ad campaigns it is essential to trust professionals with experience in this sector.  

Identifying the right target will be the success or failure of your campaign, so knowing your audience, their interests and behaviour is essential.

Making attempts hoping to identify the right target is not the best choice, instead we advise you to ask us what we can concretely do to help you!

In conclusion…

The TikTok ad campaigns platform may seem still young, but its growth should make you think that it will be more and more populated by users all over the world.  

The fact that may world-famous influencers (like Chiara Ferragni) have got on board with TikTok should open your eyes to the possibilities in the near future.

And so the time is right: test the first ads and evaluate the results, opportunities and strategies. Don’t be taken by surprise!


Do you need my password to manage my campaigns on TikTok?

No, we don’t need your password for any of the services on our site. In fact we suggest you never give your password to anyone.

Are TikTok ad campaigns for me?

We evalaute each request case by case. Advertising on TikTok is more expensive and complicated compared to other social networks, but with a targeted strategies you will get great results.

How much does advertising on TikTok cost?

The cost of advertising is higher as it is rarer and more efficient: costs go from an average of 10€ per CPM up.

What do I need to advertise on TikTok?

 To create an ad campaign on TikTok you need an advertising account.

To create it click here. In any case we advise you to trust sector professionals to avoid wasting budget and reach your results rapidly!

Do you need help?​

Hi, if you need to get in touch with us you can write us at wuao@instasamy.com or in the chat. We answer almost always immediately. If we are messed up we usually answer in 12-24 hours. No panic! =)

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