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What is Tik-Tok?

Tik-Tok is a Chinese social network launched in 2016 where you can share 15 to 60-second video clips matched with music, filters or sound effects. The social network, ex Musical.ly, also known in China by the name of Douyin, is a smash hit among Generation Z youth and today counts more 600 million members rivalling Instagram and Youtube.

To read a more detailed history of TikTok and Musical.ly click here

Tik-Tok is rivalling Instagram and Youtube.

In 2017 Chinese group Bytedance, bought Musical.ly app and incorporated it with Tik-Tok, keeping its name and logo. The two communities merged together reach over 600 million active users. Read more here

To date, the Tik-Tok app has confirmed its position in first place for downloads by far overtaking Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat.

Why is Tik Tok so well-loved?

Tik-Tok has light content, it isn’t invaded by annoying advertising and is very popular amongst dance and music lovers. Everyone has sung and danced at least once in their life!

Who uses it?

Dance and music are the strengths of the social network, much loved by young people. In fact, sportspeople, athletes, aspiring actors and singers all use Tik Tok. “Tiktokers” or “Musers” create videos on themes including magic, make-up, sport, food, animals, vlogs, DIY etc. with eye-catching, fun designs.

Today the target age of Tik-Tok users goes from 15 to 19, but for a few months, it has also been moving to the 25-34 age range thanks to marketing with famous Instagram influencers like Chiara Ferragni, Xenia, Taylor Mega, that have been nominated “Tik-Tok Brand Ambassadors” by the social network.

What Tik-Tok challenges are and why they are useful.

The challenges that users of the social network take part in are very useful for making a product or subject go viral.

Just think that the most famous challenge, #Theclimate, reached as many as 400 million views.

You will understand from these numbers how essential Tik-Tok is becoming for anyone who wants to promote video content easily and quickly, reaching an enormous and constantly growing audience.

Challenges become so viral that from Tik-Tok they end up on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and in magazines.

Tik-Tok challenge: the power of brands to go viral

Let’s take an imaginary example:: Evian wants to reach a young. The Evian team contacts a famous TikToker or a Muser to launch the challenge. The challenge could be called #EvianX. The TikToker challenges Tik-Tok users to open a bottle of Evian in a funny way. The one who opens the bottle in the most original way wins.

Sportspeople, for example, ice skaters, could make fun videos where they open the bottle cutting it with the blade of the skate while making a turn, footballers shooting a goal, singers hitting a high note, and so on. Evian water would go viral.

Tik-Tok users would unconsciously be influenced to buy more Evian water. The challenge would move on to other social networks as many TikTokers are also on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Evian would gain lots of new followers on Tik-Tok and other social channels.

Brands and Influencers: interest in Tik-Tok is growing

Tik-Tok has the most intuitive and fastest video editing system in the world!

Brands and influencers are starting to get closer and closer to Tik-Tok, fully aware of its potential for continuous growth.

Why should you open a Tik-Tok profile?

As said before, Tik-Tok is a social network that is particularly spread amongst Generation Z, that is to say, the age range that goes from 15 to 19.

If you have a communication strategy aimed at young people or if you are a brand that proposes articles aimed at that age range, Tik-Tok is the most powerful and effective means.

What characteristics must my Tik-Tok profile have?

On Tik-Tok, as on Instagram, having a targeted and themed profile pays.

A profile that is confusing, full of different content, will certainly not be appreciated by the Tik-Tok community.

Try to use themed tracks and famous songs.

Use hashtags inherent to what you are communicating.

If you are making a video where you imitate Sailor Moon’s transformation, don’t use #TikTokSailorMoon, but prefer the hashtag #SailorMoon.

How to become popular on Tik-Tok

The first thing to do is to create an involving profile, with light but quality content.

On Youtube, there are many tutorials on how to create effective, eye-catching and fun content for Tik-Tok.

People will tend to follow you more if you interact with them, so you have to be online every day. Try to take part in as many challenges as possible to become part of a group that autogenerates engagement.

As on Instagram, also on Tik-Tok you have to invest a lot of time unless you want to use alternative strategies like buying Tik-Tok followers.

Buying Tik-Tok followers could be a strategy

As with all the other social networks, the number of followers indicates how popular you are on Tik-Tok.

Even if you are able to create fun, quality content, you will not always be rewarded with views or new followers.

Tik-Tok’s algorithm can sometimes play games!

As the first impression counts, exactly like on other social networks, people will be much more inclined to follow you if you already have many followers. It’s sad, but that’s how it is.

Even brands will show more interest based on the number of followers, views and likes you have on your profile.

You also need to consider that Tik-Tok is a young social network, third party tools to measure the real value of Tik-Tokers are insufficient at the moment and so brands base themselves solely on the numbers they find on social networks.

This is why buying Tik-Tok followers, initially, can be the right strategy to get noticed.

I advise you to not exaggerate buying Tik-Tok followers; you just have to have a reasonable quantity to give your profile a boost.

Are you ready to become a Tik-Tok star yourself too? Buy the number of followers, views and likes you want!


Can I be banned if I buy Tik-Tok followers?

No, you don’t risk being banned.

How can I know if this service is for me?

If you need followers for reasons that are important for you and you and you think they can help you grow (having 30% bought followers) this will in no way damage your image.

Are the Tik-Tok followers real?

No, they are not real. It is impossible to sell real Tik-Tok followes. What we can do is send you the best followers we can find on the web.

Can you also send Tik-Tok followers to a newly created profile?

Certainly. However, it would be better if the profile had at least 10 -15 followers.

Who is responsible for selling followers?

As in the Tik-Tok terms and conditions of use the user (Tik-Toker) is responsible.

Can I make personalized orders?

Yes, contact us via chat or send us an e-mail.

We will answer you within 12-24 hours at the most and will try to fulfil your request.

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