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    Buy views for your Instagram stories and videos! They are a very useful tool to push your story and your content among the most popular ones! 
    ATT: for Story Views Enter USERNAME ONLY without the '@' - You will NOT be refunded for ignoring the format
               for IGTV contents you must select IGTV Views even if the post is shared on the wall.

Instagram views are really useful to get your story into the Favorites (remember to put the hashtag)

To get views we don’t need your password!

Stories views are safe, immediate and of the highest quality.

How do you get them?

  • Choose the package with the number of views you want
  • Put the link to your profile in the provided box.
  • Complete your purchase.
  • Wait for your order confirmation email

Views will be added to your most recent story.

Important: remember to keep your profile public.

Note =)

These services are very useful if used intelligently or can turn out to be a boomerang. Never stop interacting with your real followers, your friends or you risk them not seeing your posts in their feeds anymore. It is important to use these tools in the right way.If you order views with the goal of ending up in the Explore or Top section and then achieving organic growth, don’t stop taking care of your real community – then take care of it even more carefully so that Instagram doesn’t stop showing your posts to your friends.


How do Instagram views work: what is the order?

Instagram views bought by us will not be shown at the top of the list of users that have seen your stories.

Instagram will show in the first places users that visit your profile most often. Stories views are based on a complex algorithm. The first users you can see at the top of the stories views are those are most active on other connected platforms, like Facebook.

For up to 50 users that view the stories the order is inverted chronological, or rather the first of the list is the last that has viewed our story. The next 50 users are ordered based on their interest in our Instagram profile.

What are the requirements?

Be sure to turn off privacy mode and not change username while the order is in progress. To turn off privacy mode, go to the settings page in your Instagram app, find the privacy mode, and disable it. Moreover, you must have a story active on your profile: if no story is found at the delivery of the order you won’t get any views.

Which story will get views?

Instagram views are sent to all active stories on your profile at the moment our servers process your order. We do our best to deliver as soon as possible. Delivery can take at most 12 hours.

How can you increase Instagram views?

As well as buying Instagram views we suggest you follow the advice here below

  • Use hashtags in target with the video, you will hit the desired target and grab the attention of new potential followers who will discover you finding your video through the inserted hashtag. It’s a very useful way to make new friends to share your passions with.
  • Post at the right times (when your followers are usually most active)
  • Post frequently and regularly because Instagram rewards those who are most active on social networks (without exaggerating)
  • Create engagement with your followers (leave comments, likes, save photos, create questionnaires and surveys). This behaviour sends your posts and stories to the feeds of the Instagram accounts that interact with you.
  • Make ads with Instagram stories: they are very useful for gaining followers and help to convert followers to landing pages, sites, e-commerce, Youtube pages, newsletter subscriptions etc…

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