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Instagram impressions

Instagram impressions correspond to all times users have viewed content (photos, videos and stories) on our Instagram profile.

Today, for brands, impressions are a very important fact, not to be underestimated in view of future collaborations.

In this regard, the new algorithm of Instagram provides several indicators that allow you to track the behaviour of users. As you know, the most active “natural” behaviour is rewarded (saves, comments, likes, views).

If the number of impressions in your Instagram Insights is high it means you are doing a great job and the brands are more than interested.

In conclusion, we can say that the more impressions your Instagram posts will have and the larger the audience that will have viewed your post. As a result, there will also be a greater chance of getting a high number of likes and comments on your posts.

Are you ready to give more visibility to your account?

Then go back to the top of the page and choose the perfect impression pack for you!

These services are very useful if used intelligently or can turn out to be a boomerang.

Never stop interacting with your real followers, your friends or you risk them not seeing your posts in their feeds anymore. It is important to use these tools in the right way. If you order Instagram impressions with the goal of ending up in the Explore or Top section and then achieving organic growth, don’t stop taking care of your real community – then take care of it even more carefully so that Instagram doesn’t stop showing your posts to your friends.


What’s the difference between reach and impression?

When we talk about reach, we are talking about unique users, i.e. the number of users who have viewed that content, not the number of times.

Impressions instead refer to the number of views, i.e. the number of times content has been viewed. If you view content from two different devices on the same day, you will have two impressions and one reach.

Can I get banned if I buy impressions?

No, not at all. You can also buy impressions for an account other than your own, so if buying impressions leads to a ban, it means you have the power to delete other people’s accounts.

Do I have to give you my Instagram password to get the impressions?

No, we don’t need your password to provide this service.

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