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Our Italian, American and Ig Verified Instagram followers are real and come from our Telegram groups. Italian followers are between 18 and 35 years old.

Of the same type for which REAL we also have English, German, Arabic, French, Danish and Swedish followers.

The followers will be one hundred percent organic and you will not suffer any loss.
It may take several days and sometimes a few weeks to get followers

International HQ Followers (artificial) have the profile photo, the link in bio, the photos in the wall. Some have the stories and follow very few people. They are profiles of the highest quality.

Most Instagram users have bought followers, from celebrities to local businesses to famous brands, but few will admit it.

NB: we will never tell anyone who has used We respect your privacy and we don’t advertise ourselves with your brand awareness.

How to order Instagram followers

  • Select the type 
  • Select the package of Instagram followers you want
  • Enter in the space provided the Instagram account link
  • Complete your purchase

You will receive an automated email confirming your purchase.

If you are a company and you include your VAT number you will receive an invoice.

If you need to order personalized Instagram followers write to us in chat or by e-mail.

Why buy Instagram followers?

Reach 10k followers to insert links in your stories: a Business Instagram profile, with at least 10k followers, has the opportunity to insert links in Instagram stories and also the swipe up function.

This means being able to send a visitor anywhere you like: to your e-commerce, to a product, to a landing page etc.

This is a possibility that otherwise would not be activated by Instagram. The only way is to reach ten thousand followers. You can do it organically or by buying a package of 10k Instagram followers.

Authority and brand reputation: Your company’s image on the web is important. By image we don’t mean just photos but also numbers. If your Instagram account isn’t followed much, people could wrongly convince themselves that your products or services are of little value.

Buying Instagram followers can be a strategy to improve your credibility and brand reputation.

When you create Instagram ads, your campaigns will be much more effective if you have a greater number of followers.

You will give the impression of being more trustworthy and potential clients will have no concerns about starting commercial relations with you. The important thing is not to exaggerate.

If you have ten thousand real followers, we suggest you buy 3 thousand followers (not more). If the reason that is driving you to buy followers is just image “the 30% rule” does not apply.

Increase followers on Instagram more quickly

It’s one thing to start with an account with 0 followers and another thing to start with 20 thousand.

In the second case, it will be easier to “get yourself followed” by more people as people tend to conform to the masses and click on the famous “Follow” button.

It’s the principle of social conformity; have you ever followed an Instagram account convinced of the fact that it was followed by many other users? Thousands of users?

Instagram followers drastically influence the user’s final choice!

Below we will describe two examples of our clients: a fashion brand and a restaurant in Milan.

Read the post to the end because it will help you understand whether buying Instagram followers is right or wrong.

We have many clients from shops, fashion brands and restaurants that are tearing their hair out just for the fact that their competitors have many more followers than them. Often they measure themselves against their competitors, not just in terms of turnover, but also for their Instagram followers.

Why does he have more followers than me? I want them too!

There is a race to get the most followers. It doesn’t matter how you get them, as long as you get them.

Instagram numbers have become a true measurement tool. A disease.

Have business owners gone crazy or is there a real reason pushing them to buy Instagram followers?

We at Instasamy often explain to clients that have fewer followers than their competitors that they shouldn’t be so concerned with their experience on social networks, as the high numbers aren’t real.

The numbers are unreal not only on social networks but also in many other sectors. We are bombarded by fake news, market research plucked out of the air, wrong percentages of ingredients etc. This doesn’t justify the choice to buy Instagram followers, but if doing it helps users to feel psychologically good, why not do it?

Why feel bad because of a number on a social network?

This number could change your company’s turnover even if it’s not real.

Here’s why you should buy Instagram followers.

Certainly having the number of followers you want relieves the stress and complexes that come from the noxious vicious circle created by Instagram.

The masses, unfortunately, base their choices on quantities of Instagram followers.

Here’s why buying Instagram followers can make sense.

Let’s take an example: I am looking for a meat restaurant in Milan. If a restaurant found on Instagram has many followers and comments I go; if it has few I am less convinced.

While I am thinking of whether to book or not, Instagram shows me accounts similar to that of the restaurant I found and amongst those there is one of its competitors.

That account has many followers and a greater number of comments compared to the first place I noticed. Where will I go to eat? At the competitor!

I will go to the competitor because it has more followers and I feel safer. A safety that is however based on nothing, because maybe the meat is lower quality compared to the first restaurant found. Result: I am not happy to have eaten low-quality meat, the restauranteur that I saw first hasn’t gained new clients and continues to lose an important slice of the market.

Instagram’s influence on people’s choices is huge!

If the restauranteur doesn’t have the budget to invest in Instagram ads  (internal link) he does well to buy followers for his account, otherwise, a slice of his potential clients will be acquired by his competitor with more followers and more (probably fake) comments than him.

Why fake?

How many people follow restaurant profiles? Few.

Nevertheless to be considered “valid” by the masses most Instagram accounts have to have at least 100k followers.

Agencies that represent talent or influencers, often don’t work with Influencers that have 70k followers.

Having 100k followers is unreal.

Think about it for a moment. Now seeing a user with 100k followers and 100k comments per photo is normal.

That’s what Instagram has got us used to.

But actually it’s abnormal – if you host a party will 100k people come? Probably not even 100 will come, maybe even less. How many people are really interested in you?

For the owner of an inn to have 100k real Instagram followers and at least 100 comments per photo he should invest lots of, too much money in Instagram ads to the point that his business would become unsustainable. The solution could be to buy the number of followers that the competitor has and then invest in heavily targeted Instagram ads, in order to promote the restaurant and increase clients and turnover.

The same thing happens in fashion. Maybe even worse.

You find a white T-shirt with a rose design on the pocket, created by an average-range brand that you like. It costs 55 euros.

Instagram shows you an account similar to that of the brand, you visit it and you find another short-sleeved white T-shirt, with a cute design and a rose on the pocket (it’s a well-known fact that today many brands copy each other). The price is 54 euros. One euro difference.

Your choice will then be influenced by the number of followers, likes, comments, who has worn the brand t-shirt, how the photos are etc.. one euro doesn’t make much difference but the brand does. Which t-shirt would you buy?

Competition is really high and brands that want to have the same quantity of followers as their competitors do well to want it or they will lose a good slice of the market. Buying Instagram followers is not the solution. Certainly, it is necessary to integrate Instagram ads and other strategies, but it can certainly prove useful.


These services are very useful if used intelligently or can turn out to be a boomerang.

Never stop interacting with your real followers, your friends or you risk them not seeing your posts in their feeds anymore. It is important to use these tools in the right way.

If you order Instagram followers, don’t stop taking care of your real community – then take care of it even more carefully so that Instagram doesn’t stop showing your posts to your friends.


هل المتابعون حقيقيون؟

المتابعون الحقيقيون الوحيدون هم أولئك الذين يأتون من مجموعات تلغرام الخاصة بنا ، وجميع المنتجات الأخرى هي متابعون ذو جودة عالية ، ولديهم صور ، ورابط في سيرتهم الذاتية ، ووصفهم والعديد من المنشورات ولكنها مصطنعة. المتابعون الذين تكتسبهم يتابعون عددًا قليلاً من الأشخاص

كم يستغرق وصول المتابعين؟

تدريجيًا ، مع احترام خوارزمية أنستغرام الجديدة ويعتمد ذلك على الخدمة المختارة

هل سأحظر من أنستغرام؟

دون إعطائنا كلمات مرور حسابك ، يمكنك شراء خدمات لنفسك أو لأي شخص آخر ، حتى لمنافسيك. إذا أدى شراء المتابعين إلى إلغاء الحساب أو حظره ، فستتمتع بشكل أساسي بالقدرة على إغلاق أي حساب على أنستغرام . لذا يمكنك أن تستنتج أنه شبه مستحيل

هل متابعو أنستغرام تابعين لك؟

لا ، نحن لسنا مزرعة نقر ، نحن نبيع المتابعين الذين يتم شراؤهم من قبل أفضل الموردين على الويب

هل متابعون أنستغرام هم إيطاليون ؟

نعم لدينا ، لكنها نادرة. عندما تقرأ “نفدت الكمية” ، فهذا بسبب انتهائها. متابعي أنستغرام الإيطاليين أغلى بكثير من المتابعين الأمريكيين

هل متابعون أنستغرام هم أمركيون ؟

لدينا بشكل أساسي متابعون أمريكيون وبعض الإيطاليون على أنستغرام. الايطالية ليست متاحة دائما

  . التعليقات الإيطالية و الإعجابات الإيطالية متاحة دائمًا

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