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    Increase auto likes with every post published (photo or video) Increased profile engagement Possibility to post up to 30 posts (video or photo) per month Service without subscription, at the end of 30 days the deactivation is automatic Customer service available on Whatsapp Save time Prices from 45 cents

First of all, you will know that we constantly update the pages of,  so what you read has been reviewed and updated by us. We are very attentive to changes in Instagram’s algorithm from likes, auto likes etc…
Our auto likes are of high quality but the top quality like service is manual: you can find it by clicking here
If you are looking for 100% real high quality likes I recommend you buy manual ones.
If you google “Instagram Auto Likes” everything comes out: Immediate Auto Likes, Auto Likes at 10 cents, Italian or Targeted Auto Instagram Likes. Too bad that most sites offering this service never send them in time (and of the quality described).
Timing is crucial for Instagram’s algorithm.
Receiving likes 24 hours after the post is useless. Receiving horrible likes without photos, with thousands and thousands of followers means killing your Instagram account.
We at have very different, let’s say unique, Auto Instagram likes.
Why are our Auto Instagram likes unique?
Because they arrive according to Instagram’s algorithm,
because they arrive at the correct time to help your photo or video go to the Instagram popular section,
because they’re quality
because there is no missing post and if it happens, you know that you just have to write to us on WhatsApp and we’ll intervene right away.
I could go on with whys, but the post would get boring.
In the end most of you buy auto likes to save time. Not to do a manual action on every single post.
Our service saves your time in the best possible way.
You will receive Instagram Auto likes without worries!


These services are very useful if used intelligently or can turn out to be a boomerang.

Never stop interacting with your real followers, your friends or you risk them not seeing your posts in their feeds anymore. It is important to use these tools in the right way. If you order Instagram Auto Likes with the goal of ending up in the Explore or Top section and then achieving organic growth, don’t stop taking care of your real community – then take care of it even more carefully so that Instagram doesn’t stop showing your posts to your friends.


Do you need my password?
No, never for any service.

I would like to buy anonymously, is it possible?
Of course it’s possible. You can buy on leaving only the email you prefer and the link to your account.

Is it better to buy Instagram auto likes or buy likes manually?
It depends what you need the likes for. If you need a push for a few months, maybe it is better to buy auto likes so you don’t waste time.  Super quality likes are another question you can buy them manually by clicking here

Can I write to you if something’s wrong?
Yeah, sure, on whatsapp anytime.

Is it possible to get an invoice?
You can just subscribe to the site and fill out the form or write to us.

What If I would like to receive different quantities of auto likes?
For the moment we are able to send the same amount of likes if you want to vary you can buy them manually by clicking here.

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