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Which TikToker wouldn’t want to get into the For You TikTok section?

The many frequenters of the trendiest social network of the moment are asking themselves this question, but few have an answer.

We at Instasamy want to show you that getting your content in the For You TikTok section isn’t at all impossibile.


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How? Buying TikTok likes (hearts), views and shares (and in particular shares) immediately after posting!

The reason is very simple: TikTok’s algorithm considers that if a content receives a lot of interaction it should be rewarded.

It is just a question of numbers: interaction is the most important data and gets your post in the most sought-after section: “For You TikTok”.


What is TikTok’s algorithm?

Let’s take a step back and try to understand the subject better answering the questions you often ask us.

Exactly as for Instagram where many of you ask how to get into the instagram top section there is a really sought-after section on TikTok too.

As an agency we have made many users popular on TikTok, getting their posts not only into “For You TikTok”, but also amongst the followed.

Want to know how we did it? Carefully analyzing actions on TikTok according to its algorithm.

Only knowing TikTok’s algorithm deeply can you have success on this social network.

TikTok’s algorithm is none other than the system through which the platform manages the content that the users post and decides who to show it to and what to show.

TikTok’s objective is mainly to keep its users inside the platform.

The reason why is very simple: it wants to become the first social network in the world for interactions and average user time spent in app.

But to reach a certain virality you have to know how to “stimulate” its algorithm.

If you don’t know how the algorithm works, we advise you trust our service thanks to which your content will go viral.

How does TikTok’s algorithm work?

TikTok’s algorithm shows the right content to the right users, making sure they stay as long as possible in the app.

To get content to go viral on TikTok quality interactions make the difference, but the right people have to see the right content.

If your content reaches the suitable audience, you will get thousands of views and interactions and your profile will grow quickly!

To stimulate the algorithm there are two things you can do:

  1. Create coherent videos that are suitable for you audience and try to increase engagement with the same type of TikToker.
  2. Buy likes, views, and shares that will get you into the For You TikTok section.

Do this ( remember to buy your likes, views and shares ony after posting) TikTok will take 24 hours to analyze your content.

It will then evaluate what you have published, your interactions and your audience and only after will it distribute your videos in the Foryou TikTok. section.

The time it takes depends basically on how much content the algorithm has to process in that time period.

With your videos you will show it who you are and you will make yourself known bit by bit. But if you want to give it all a boost, our service is right for you.

Quickly and often you will get into the For You TikTok section!

How to get into For You TikTok?

All TikTokers want to get into this section, but few know how to do it.

Here our experience with TikTok comes into play and now let’s see together what the requirements to get your post to go viral are.

Authority score in TikTok

This is a score that no one can see, but that the algorithm gives each profile.

The score is assigned based on actions, so be careful not to spam, violate the guidelines, copyright etc).

The higher this score the more visibility you will get on TikTok.

We can tell you that the score of each profile can vary according to the views received.
Here is an example of levels that your profile can reach:

  • Da 100 a 300low level profile views .
  • Da 1.000 a 3000 intermediate level profile views.
  • +10.000 excellent level profile views.

This means something very simple: the more views you video has the more likely it is to get into For You TikTok!

Level of interactions received.

We have said that, as soon as you upload content, TikTok’s algorithm analyzes it to decide to whom and how many people to show it.

When it has done so, based on intercations received, it will show it to other people, until it goes viral if it deserves it!

For this reason, all TikTok interactions have incredible value and the more you get the more you will be rewarded.

The most important TikTok interactions are:

  • Likes (hearts)
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Completion and Retention rate

Let’s see in detail what it’s all about.

  1. Completion rate: is the vaule that measures how long your content has been seen. The higher it is, the greater the possibility to get into For You TikTok and in followed. If the viewing time is higher than the content that means that the same people have seen your video several times!
  2. Retention rate: indicates the number of times that your video has been seen. Obviously the higher it is, the more likely it is to go viral!
  3. Shares: are worth much more than a like or comment! If your content is shared you will get a boost from the algorithm.
  4. Comments: are the proof that the users want to interact with you and your video. The more you get, the longer your content will stay in the For You TikTok section! Moreover, we have seen that a video with many comments encourages users to interact, stimulating the algorithm.
  1. Views: are fundamental as the longer the view and the greater the number of views, the more the algorithm will think that the content interests others!

For each interaction received TikTok will give you a score.

When your videos gets into the For You TikTok section it is shown to a certain number of TikTokers and, based on the number of “points” obtained, they will pass it on to the next level.
At this point it will be viewed by other users and based on their interactions it will go up to the next level in the points scale.

This cycle will be continuously active, ONLY if your video constantly receives likes, views and shares.

Now you know much more about the world of TikTok and its algorithm, are you ready to reach the For You TikTok section?

Go back to the top of the page, choose the number of interactions you want to buy and get ready to become popular on TikTok!

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