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Instagram Reels officially debut on Instagram in over 50 countries!

The challenge with the hugely popular Tik-Tok has already begun with music clips, special effects and colorful filters that will literally drive Generation Z crazy. It’s actually not the first time Instagram has tried to copy successful features introduced by other platforms. It happened with Snapchat stories, now it’s up to the Instagram Reels! Many are wondering if the Reels will have the same success as the Instagram stories or Tik-Tok clips, but we are ready to “bet” yes. Let’s see in detail what a Reel is, how it is created and how you could become popular on Instagram with this tool. reels instagram visualizzazioni reel

What are Instagram Reels?

They are short videos of 15 seconds that each user can edit with special effects made available by the platform. If you want to make one, simply go to the appropriate section. You will find it by clicking on the camera at the top left of Instagram and scrolling with your finger to the item “Reel”. Reels can be published as posts (in this case they will appear in the feed as a normal post) or in stories. In the Explore section, the trendiest Reels of Instagram are collected! Obviously, there is also a dedicated wall for Instagram Reels, as well as for posts or IG TVs. All the Reels you have published will appear here and can be seen by other users at any time. Also with Reels it is possible to choose the cover of the mini-video so as to customize your wall as you prefer. To reach more people and get more visibility, it is essential to have a public profile. The public profiles Reels, in fact, have the possibility to end up in the Instagram feed and be seen, commented and shared by other users!

How to create your first Instagram Reels?

We’ve seen how you can access the Reel section, but could you make one? The first necessary ingredient is undoubtedly your creativity, but it is essential to know what Instagram tools are available. Once you enter the video editor, all the elements you can add will appear on your left. Here is what you can do to customize your Reels:
  • Add a song from the Instagram library. You can find the most suitable song for your Reel among the categories that Instagram has already divided for you based on genre or your mood.
  • Change the playback speed of your Reels. You can speed them up or slow them down according to the effect you want to give to the mini-video.
  • Choose a filter to apply to your video.
  • Pre-set the duration of your clip using the Timer function. A countdown will start when you touch the “record” button.
  • Align, a tool will help you to make the transitions between clips smoother when for example you want to give the effect “change clothes” or add new people to the video.
You can create your Reel by recording one video at a time or by joining clips already present in your smartphone gallery. When you start recording, a bar will appear at the top of your screen indicating the video progress and how much time you have available. To end the video, simply release the record button and the recording will stop immediately.

Instagram Reels Vs Instagram Stories: here are the differences.

Someone, for a moment, has thought that there were no differences between the two instruments. They actually exist, and we can list the most important ones:
  • Reels cannot be shared on Facebook.
  • You can’t put polls in your reels, questions like in stories.
  • It is not possible to insert links.
  • Your followers can like your Reels, comment, save and share them.
  • Everyone can see the views and interactions received (likes, comments).
At this point we just have to try to answer the question: is it important to create your own Reels to increase your visibility? The answer is: clearly yes! It is not a coincidence that many bloggers, celebrities but also sports clubs and web stars have started to create the first Reels. A few names? Chiara FerragniBryan BoyFC Juventus just to mention a few. Bryan Boy in particular, shares the same content on Tik-Tok and Reel and then compares the insights! Besides, you should know that, just like Tik-Tok algorithm, Reels algorithm also “rewards” users who create interesting content. How? Showing them to users potentially interested in that type of Reels and increasing the chances of ending up in the explore section.

Do you want your Instagram Reels to end up in Explore feed right away?

All Instagram users would like to, but few know how to do it. We at Instasamy can help you with a super quality service that will help you reach your goal quickly. All you have to do is choosing the number of Likes (hearts), Views and Shares you want to purchase for your Reel immediately after posting the content. You will also be able to buy your Reel saves, which are only visible to creators but they are very important for two reasons: 1. It helps the algorithm to understand that other users like that content. 2. It gives credibility to your account and your Reels, if you are a Blogger or an Influencer looking for collaborations with brands. Ours are quality interactions that will stimulate the Instagram algorithm helping you finish quickly in the Explore section. The more interactions you receive, the more chances your Instagram Reels will have to become popular. You just have to go back to the top of the page, select the number of interactions you want to buy for your Reels and get ready to become popular! By contrast, if you are interested in finding out how to finish in the “For You” section of Tik-Tok click here.


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Can I get banned from Instagram if I buy likes, views and shares for my Reels?

Absolutely not. Instagram’s algorithm rewards interesting content that receives interactions and helps your Reels end up in the explore section.

Why is it important to buy likes (hearts), views, shares for your Instagram Reels?

Because the interactions are public and everyone can see them as well as posts. A user who sees content with many interactions will be more likely to follow the profile that has created it.

Do you need my Instagram password to send me likes, views and comments for my Reels?

No, we do not ask for your password for any of our services. We recommend you to never reveal your password to anyone.

Can I make a custom order of interactions?

Certainly. Contact us and we will reply in 12/24 trying to satisfy your request.

How can I point out my Reel in the explore section?

The Reels featured on Explore show the best of trends on Instagram.
A Reel that receives a lot of interactions has a better chance of ending up in this section and being viewed by other users.

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