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Having a beautiful and attractive Instagram wall is imperative to succeed on Instagram. Are you ready to discover our winning strategy?

Get the edited Instagram editorial plan, ready to share with the texts 30 days before!

You will receive 30 creative contents (photos, videos, stories and reels) with 30 texts and you will simply have to copy and paste!

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We are used to working with dynamic realities, we are suppliers of fashion magazines, luxury, fashion, interior design brands, hotels. We are able to develop the Instagram editorial plan of Instagram daily or draw it up even six months in advance.

The team that makes the difference – Instagram editorial plan or social media editorial plan.

What makes us different from other agencies is the experience of our team, gained in the fashion and luxury sector. Our team consists of graphic designers specialized in motion graphic design, copywriters specialized in persuasive writing experts and SEO, supervised by Art Directors from the fashion sector.

An (attractive) Instagram Wall increases the growth of followers.

Would you like more followers without investing too much in Instagram ads or other strategies? Start from the basics. Structuring an Instagram editorial plan will get you excellent results.

Instagram is a social network created for sharing images and not for promoting “useless” posts. It sounds brutal but it’s the truth

NB: we will never tell anyone who our customers are. We respect your privacy. We don’t use your brand to advertise ourselves.

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The Instagram editorial plan: what is it?

Thirty posts (photos and text) make up the Instagram wall (or editorial plan)

You will receive a Dropbox folder containing a preview in jpg format of your Instagram Wall, the photos to be published and the texts of the posts, numbered in correspondence with the photos.

How to publish the Instagram editorial plan.

Download the photo from the Dropbox folder and then copy and paste the text that corresponds to the photo.

How to create the Instagram editorial plan or Instagram Wall

There are many sites that have written guides on the subject. If you want to read the one we liked the most, click here.

However, we want to explain to you the most important points for creating an effective Instagram editorial plan.

First you have to you ask yourself three questions:

1. What do I want to communicate?

2. why people should follow me or my brand?

3)Who do I want to reach with my posts? Identify the target

4) What are my goals?

These questions may seem trivial but in reality they are very important.

We have many customers who invest in promoting content, but without paying attention to what they publish, without following a strategy and then complain because their Instagram account doesn’t grow organically.

Content is the most important thing; investing money in promotions or Instagram ads is useless if the editorial plan doesn’t follow a logic.

“I’m paying so the content is not important. My posts get more followers, more likes and comments … “

Careful! It’s only as long as you keep paying!

An effective Instagram Wall allows you to invest less budget in ads, create a solid follower network and convert part of it into buyers.

“Invest less in ads … why?”

Because if the content is high quality, the campaign (ads) has much more chance of being successful! If you use other growth methods such as Instagram Pods (internal link to IG POD?), You will have many more chances to end up in Favorites and in the search feed.

Creating an editorial plan is important to ensure that the growth services listed on this site are truly effective.

Any growth strategy is useless without a valid Instagram editorial plan.

An attractive Instagram wall leads the user to click on the FOLLOW button

Creating an editorial plan takes time. To start, you need to do a thorough analysis and understand the goals you want to achieve well, these can be simply gaining of followers, increasing engagement, conversion in sales, etc..

Instagram editorial plan photos

It is important to have quality photos and graphics, but also to combine them in the right way! Thanks to quality content or an attractive Instagram Wall you can gain new followers.

The results of a good Instagram editorial plan for Instagram

When a photo is intriguing, the Instagram wall (if beautiful) wins the follower!

Have you ever seen a beautiful photo on Instagram, clicked curiously on the name of the user who published it and discovered an Instagram wall so wonderful it made you decide to follow that user?

Our goal is just that: throw the hook and catch the fish!

There is a but, though.

Often people follow profiles they consider beautiful without really understanding what they are about, only because they are aesthetically attractive. However, they soon forget about it and never return to that profile.

The editorial plans we build have such a strong identity that the user doesn’t forget you or your profile.

The problem of Instagram photos.

Some of our customers panic because they don’t have enough photos for Instagram, are not convinced of those taken or don’t want to show the photo of their product because their competitors can see it or because it’s a one-off etc ..

If you have still life (not post-production) photos it is not a problem: we will take care of the editing! If you don’t have enough images for Instagram, don’t worry: we will take the images you need.

If, on the other hand, you don’t know which photos are better to publish immediately and which ones to use the following month, we can offer you strategic advice and decide together!

We also create special graphics for Christmas, New Year, Ramadan, Valentine’s Day and other holidays.

If you aren’t happy with the result of your Instagram Wall we’ll do it again until the result is to your taste!

Instagram editorial plan texts

Texts are very important as they allow you to position content on Instagram also through the use of keywords.

Discover the Instagram hashtag service If written in a persuasive way, texts lead the user to take a specific action and therefore increase the engagement of your profile.

We can write content in Italian, English, French and Arabic.

You will receive the text in a word file together with the photos to be published. The numbering of the texts will correspond to that of the photos to be published.

If before you had to think about how and what to publish, working with us you will have to COPY and PASTE and you’re done!

Isn’t that great?

Internationally renowned brands have relied on us for their Instagram editorial plan

We have worked with luxury hotels, fashion magazines, interior design and fashion stores, restaurants, jewelry and fashion brands, fashion industry, interior design, accessories, leather goods and fur fairs fairs, and public figures such as athletes and beauty influencers.

How does the creation of the Instagram editorial plan or social media editorial plan work?

1. Upload photos to the Dropbox folder named “to be worked”

2. Our team, following your creative and business guidelines, creates the editorial plan

3. We send you a trial wall consisting of 30 posts

4. Once approved, we upload the photos in HD to the Dropbox folder named “to be published”. The numbering of the photos will correspond to the text to be added.

Having an effective editorial plan means growing your Instagram account organically, getting the best performance out of the promotion of Instagram posts and campaigns or any other growth service.

Advice for an Instagram editorial plan that works

Visitors to your profile must understand what it is all about in seconds.

Visitors to your profile have to remain attracted to it and press follow, not just simply like a photo. The texts are written to make users leave a comment.


How long do your contracts last?

Our contracts for the creation of the social media editorial plan last a minimum of six months.

You will receive a consultancy contract and another for the GDPR.

Do you need my Instagram account password?

No we don’t need a password for any of the services we offer.

You will publish the editorial plan that you will find inside the Dropbox folder

How many photos do you need?

The more photos you send us the better. There is no specific number, we will create the missing ones.

Can we send you the photos to edit?

Yes we will take care of everything.

Can you create the content yourself if we don’t have a photographer?

Of course, we can create video or photo content. We also have a team of photographers and videomakers experienced in photographic campaigns, short movies, look books, still life, portraits and much more.

How much does it cost to create an Instagram editorial plan?

To give a precise answer we must make a quote.

Assuming we receive 15 photos and we create 15 more, plus texts and  strategy the cost could be around € 600 per month. In this idea of cost are not calculated Instagram Reels, stories and videos.

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